Amnio Or Not

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Jenny - October 21

Should I have amnio????? Neither My family nor my husband's family have any genertic problems. The only thing my doctor recommands I have amnio is because I am over 35 years old. I will be 38 on due date. What should I do?


Tara - October 21

I had to have an amnio b/c at 21 weeks they could see that the baby has a cleft lip. Clefts are a__sociated with tons of other birth defects, many which I had never heard of however the geneticist really wanted me to have an amnio and I am 25 yrs old. I didn't want to do it but I went ahead with the procedure only b/c I would pretty much worry myself to death over whether or not the baby had anything else wrong. It is really up to you and how much you will worry or not worry. This is my 1st baby so everything is worrisome to me. Good Luck!


mama-beans - October 21

Not. Unless you are willing to abort if there is an abnormality, there is no reason to risk your sanity and the life of your child just so you can know a little early, IMHO.


To Jenny - October 21

I have always agreed with what mama beans just said, but my obgyn put it into a different perspective for me. He said he did not do the tests to give parents thoughts of abortion, but rather so they can be ready in the delivery room with whatever special services they need to ensure a safe delivery for both baby and mom. However, having said that, I am not sure that just because of your age, I would have one. Did they do the blood test on you to check for abnormalities?


Ashley - October 22

Jenny, my mom had four kids, the youngest when she was 40. It is really up to you, but I know of several people who posted on this board because tests put them at "high risk" for down's, ect, and they did the amnio and were fine. My cousin was so afriad for about two months that her baby would be down's because it had a cyst on it's brain which can be a "big symptom" but can also go away and be fine and she did the amnio and then worried about miscarrige but everything is fine. If you don't think you can handle the slight possibility, you maybe should do it, but if the only reason they give you is because you are over 35 I guess I wouldn't worry too much. My two youngest bros were born after mom turned 35! ;)


T - October 22

There are other tests/screenings you can check into that are less risky. I am 39 and about 4.5 weeks preg. I am not going to have the amnio.


Tess - October 24

If I were you I wouldnt go for Amnio...I heard alot of bad things happening if you do Amnio..


maya - October 24

I am 29 and wondering about what to do about testing the baby. I wouldnt go for amnio or villocentesis, (because my risks are low) but wondering about doing the blood test and the indepth ecograph. since it isnt such a reliable test, would I want to live in doubt till the baby was born if the test came out positive? ah. dont know.



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