Amonic Flued

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nicole - August 10

what is amonic flued and how do you get plenty of it? Im 10 weeks and 2 days and heard of some women not having enough


Mindy - August 10

I have never heard of it before. Do you mean the amniotic fluid?


randi - August 10

yes, amniotic fluid


Ashley - August 10

I do not know how to get more amniotic fluid, although my midwife has warned me if I get dehydrated, it shuts down the baby's umbilical cord. I've also been told amniotic fluid is the baby's pee. Gross, I know. Good luck!!


randi - August 11

oh ok that is a lil gross though. Thankls ashly


Mindy - August 11

This is the information I got off the internet. Amniotic fluid is the liquid that surrounds your baby as he grows in the amniotic sac in your uterus during pregnancy. It cushions your baby against trauma (if you fall down, for example), keeps the umbilical cord from being compressed (which can reduce your baby's oxygen supply), and protects both your baby and your uterus from infection. Your baby will produce this fluid in his lungs and swallow it to help his breathing and digestive systems develop properly. Finally, amniotic fluid helps your baby develop muscle and bone by providing a zero gravity environment for him to move around in. The baby does urinate in it and it does not harm the baby. During the first 14 weeks of your pregnancy, the placenta, amniotic membranes, umbilical cord, and your baby's skin all produce fluid to fill the amniotic sac as he grows. After that, he starts to swallow the fluid, pa__s it through his kidneys, and excrete it back out as urine, which he then swallows, recycling the full volume of fluid every few hours. (Yes, that means most of the fluid is eventually urine.) He also excretes some fluid from his lungs, and small amounts are either absorbed by the amniotic sac and diffused into your body or sent back to your body through the blood in the umbilical cord. In all these ways, your baby plays an important role in keeping just the right amount of fluid in the amniotic sac. Good Luck with your pregnancy and God Bless!!


randi - August 11

thank you mindy that exsplained it all. Good luck and God bless



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