Amusement Park Rides

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*m* - April 26

hey ladies. i was just wondering what is the restriction on amusement park rides? as of right now i am 8wk 2 days but i wont be going to the amusement park (kennywood) til around june or july and by then ill be 4-5 months. and i obviously know rollercoasters are out of the question.


fernanda - April 26

i recently when to the golad coast qld australia and almost every 'movement' ride says no entry to pregnant women. I however went on a couple of water "slow" rides and they made me even more nauseous than i already was - hence, I should not have gone on. I think the adrenalin that you get when your on rides pa__ses on to the bub and this can cause problems with the heart??? I really dont know. But I hope somehow I have answered your question.


Ca__sie - April 26

My husband and I will be going to kennywood at some point in July too. My sister is in one of those HS parades and we'r'e going to watch. You can hang out with us and ride all the weenie rides :( haha


*m* - April 27

to ca__sie: thanx for the what HS does your sister go to because for 3 years in a row i was in those HS parades although i danced. i went to chartiers valley HS.


*m* - April 27

sorry ladies i also forgot to add, how r you guys feeling? cuz i still have yet to get the morning sickness (thank goodness) but i do get some cramping and very sore b___sts and im almost 8 and a half weeks?


fernanda - April 27

I am 8 weeks and nauseaous as can be - im not feeling that great here. But they say nausea is a good sign so I feel "good" in a way.


Michelle - June 30

okthis suxs.. im 18 and 10 weeks.. I HAD PLANED TO GO TO KINGS ISLAND this summer but im pregnant now... so does that mean no rides? well there goes my whole vacation....:(


Baby Doll - July 1

You shouldn't risk riding any amus____nt park rides. You should always take precaution. Don't lift any heavy objects, don't lift your hands above your head trying to reach things. Girl slooooow it down. Mother of 3.


Kat - July 8

I scheduled to go to Disney World in October at 22 weeks. I was pregnant when we scheduled the trip (we honeymooned there and it will be one last hoorah before the baby comes). I know space mountain, etc. is out but what about tamer rides like peter pan and winnie the pooh?



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