Amusement Parks While Pregnant

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Dani - April 23

I'm about 4 weeks pregnant and my husband wants to take me to question is can I go on the faster rides while pregnant? Or is dangerous to the unborn baby?


Kim - April 23

I am also interested in the answer to this question ... it is gonna be summer soon and my husband and I are always really active and out at all the parks and fairs !


duh - April 23

if you have ever been to a park then you know when you are in line they say not for pregnany women


Kim - April 23

Well Duh, That was an intelligent answer and in fact I have seen that sign on 'some' of the rides.


??????? - April 23

Duh, of course I've been to amus____nt parks AND have seen the signs...since I'm only 4 weeks, I was hoping someone with ACTUAL knowledge could help me out. Btw, it's "pregnancy" NOT "pregnany." Oh, and Kim thanks!!


minx - April 23

it is GENERALLY not safe as the adrenaline releases some chemicals that can harm your pregnancy. besides, some rides really twist and flip you around and all over and it's not good for your developing is like doing extrenuous sports. if you've read the signs, WHY RISK IT...? why not ask your husband for a nice quieter vacation instead.


Kim - April 23

Yup ... a nice quieter vacation it is! Maybe the beach or nice relaxing trip to the trailer. Thanks for the advice.


Nicole - May 10

Well I have the answer, I am 7 weeks pregnant and went to a carnival I only went on 3 rides and I felt fine, however the next day I felt extremely dizzy and spent most of the day vomiting, it was very unpleasant and I would not recommend it!!!


Nicci - May 28

I think Amber and Kim have raging hormones. ha ha ha Chill out and relax.


michelle - what can it do - May 28

I went to the fair and I'm about 41/2 months none of the rides pushed againt me but their was alot of spinning upside down and in circles. Does this have any effect on the baby's development or will it cause any mental problems?? Thanks


M - May 29

When I was 6 weeks pregnant with my first child, (Did not know I was pregnant at the time) we were at Cedar Point Ohio. We went on every ride there. I did throw up on the spinning rides, and I NEVER get sick on rides. Needless to say, if I would have known I was pg, I would not have gone on the rides, however, I did, and my daughter was just fine. Ask your doctor about Disneyland. Most of the rides they have, even the " faster" ones, are pretty mild in comparison to the alot of Roller Coaster themed parks. Good luck, M Also- there are so many amazing and fun things to do at Disney, that you could still have a wonderful time and just dont ride the couple of rides that are faster.


safe - May 29

well i've decided to play it safe and just say no to the rides. bummer too..b/c one of those carnivals just came into town. hubby and i took our 7 yr old and i had to sit on the side and watch. oh well.. manly bonding time. haha


Nikki - June 21

We will be going to Hershey Park when I am 7 weeks. My dr. says no to all rides, but there are a few that are basically like a car ride. I agree with everyone else about reading the signs. That's what they are there for. Hope this helps you Dani!


kfish - June 21

I am going to Disneyland also but I will be going in December when I will be 31 weeks. As my 1 year old son was able to go on Pirates and Haunted House, I think it will be safe to go on those rides. Matterhorn, Indiana Jones, Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain are rides that you cannot go on.



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