Anti Stretch Marks Cream

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pj - June 30

Hi Guys... I am around 10 and a half weeks. Just wondering just when should one start using a cream to prevent stretch marks...anyone can suggest the best brand?? I have a general tendency to mark even if I lose or gain little weight


snugglybugglys - June 30

With my first pregnancy I used Palmers cocoa b___ter. I didn't get a single stretch mark with her. I started using it around 12 weeks.


Julia284 - June 30

I used the same and I have not stretch marks either.


Jenny - June 30

Just so ya know my Doc told me that the only thing the creams will do is just make your tummy really smooth. He said there is know way a cream would help because the marks are Hereditary. There is a cream that will help heel them after they are seen.


snugglybugglys - June 30

Well actually when your tummy is stretching it dries out so moisturizing would help some. But I do agree....I think if you're gonna get them, you're gonna get them. But with my second pregnancy I didn't use any cream, and I got stretch marks. With my 3rd I used it again, and I didn't get any new I think there must be something to it. And if it doesn't do anything, at least my tummy is smooth. :)


jue - July 1

I have stretch marks from my first 2 pregnancy's and I didn't use anything.this time I am using bio oil for scars and stretch marks and it is helping to make my current stetch marks to slowly vanish. i am nearly 11 weeks with #3, I have had 15 m/c in the past 3 yrs, this baby is going to be spoilt rotten.


imi09173 - July 2

Jue, I have to say it's really great how you guys didn't give up, I know a lot of people would have after the first few, let alone 15! Congratulations :-)


AmandaManns - July 3

I started using anit stretch mark cream, Palmers Cocoa B___ter for stretch marks the day after I found out I was pregnant, so around 4 weeks. I still got them BAD. I used it every morning and every night and I started to get them around 12 weeks for some reason. I did not gain or lose any weight during my first trimester but the stretch marks came. I hate them but I love what came from them. I still use Suave Cocoa/Shea B___ter now that I have had them and they are really really light (6 months since I had my son) but I still hate them. I just think they are hereditary because my mom got them really bad too.


Tootsie5c - July 5

A friend of mine rubbed olive oil on her belly 15 minutes before showering and also used strivectin. Not a stretch mark on her.



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