Anxiety Panic Attacks

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SuzieQ - February 21

I have gotten anxiety attacks in the past and was hoping they had gone away, but last night I had a small one. My doctor has prescribed me Ativan at a low dose to take, but I really don't want to take ANY prescription drug right now. I know I'm stressed about many things, including this pregnancy, but am having a hard time reducing my stress levels. Any recommendations? Is anyone else going through this?


chandellina - February 21

i have had anxiety attacks a few time in my life and know how awful they can be. i had one a few weeks ago actually just before i found out i was pregnant where i felt sure i was going to faint (happened to me a couple of times in the past). you've probably heard it before but all i can suggest is some deep yoga style breathing through your nose. try to clear your mind, sit in a cross legged position or whatever is comfortable and focus on each breath going in and each one going out. if you do that every day for 10 or 15 minutes, you will almost certainly feel less stressed. yoga in general is great for stress, though some positions need to be avoided in pregnancy...hope you're feeling better. i'm super stressed myself as dh and i need to find a new place to live within 2 weeks and can't find anything suitable. plus i started a new job in my company this year and it's not going so well. oh yeah, then there's the pregnancy and fear of miscarrying again ... i'd better go do some breathing. ;)


KristinaHold - February 22

Just relax and take it easy. I've suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for a while now, and have had a few already during my pregnancy. Don't worry so much. Nothing bad will happen to you : )


newmommy - February 26

I know what you're going through. I've suffered from anxiety for 3 years. I weaned off Paxil in anticipation of getting pregnant in November. I'm currently 9 weeks pregnant, and thought I was completely "over" the anxiety until recently. I've been having shortness of breath and generalized anxiety the past week or two. I am constantly worried about the baby; still waiting for a heartbeat. I feel like I can't relax until I see a healthy baby and heartbeat on an u/s, so I think I will bring it up at my appt. on Tuesday. I think that my better mental health will benefit both me and the baby in the long run. I also just started a new job, and my husband and I are living with my parents until we can close on the house we are buying in March. It's all so stressful!!! I wish you the best---we will make it through this, and come out with a beautiful little miracle!!! :-)


SuzieQ - February 27

hi everyone - thanks for your responses. I just got married, have had 2 m/c's, am undergoing job changes, hmmm..... wonder why I'm stressed :) I've been going to ashtanga yoga and highly recommend it for anyone with anxiety. I spoke with my doc about anxiety/pregnancy, and he ok's the perscription pill "if needed" but also said I should be exercising on a regular basis. I feel way better when I exercise - but haven't been doing it as much for the first trimester because I'm terrified of causing a m/c. Newmommy, congrats on your pregnancy and getting a new home - Im sure you'll settle in wonderfully! Best wishes



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