Anxious First Trimester Anybody Else

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Dani - April 28

This is my first time being pregnant and I feel so anxiuos & nervous. Is this normal? I just want everything to be OK! Anyone else experiencing the same thing????


Jen - April 28

Dani -- This is not my first time but I am anxious too -- partly because I am 39 and it has been 10 years since I was last pregnant. So it feels very different.


Dani - April 28

Jen, I hate this feeling, because I feel like this isn't healthy for the baby....what do you think? I would like to feel a little more relaxed!!


Jen - April 28

My life was super stressful with my first -- living in a foreign country and going through a divorce with the baby's father. My finances were much worse off too. I do think it is important for you to relax as much as possible for your own sake but not sure it has any impact on the baby. My first was born healthy with no problems and is now nine years old and doing great.


Dani - April 28

Jen, thanks for your advice....that really helps! I don't feel too stressed..I think I feel more anxiety and I'm trying to mellow out.


Jenny - May 6

Yes, completely normal. Just found out I am 8 weeks pregnant with second child have a 2 year old already. I was paranoid and worried most of the first pregnancy about baby's health, scans, doctor's appointments, any little tests not average, worried about abnormalities, worried about each month what and how I should be feeling etc. This time I am not so worried but am slightly nervous as still early on but what will be will be and am hoping to chill out more and relax. Good luck.


Heather S - May 7

This is my 3rd preg...I have a 10yo and 8yo and I have been a nervous wreck. This preg has been so different than what I remember with my first two. I am just doing my best to put it in God's (or whatever you believe) hands. Try not to worry about things you cannot control. Know that you are doing the best for your baby and think positively. I know easier said than done.


KC(Casey) - May 7

this is my first time and I am anxiuos & nervous to dani I thank that is normal for first timers.


Becca - May 7

I just found out 4 days ago that I'm about 5 weejs along. My boyfriend is so excited he can hardly stand it. Me...I'm sooo annxiuos, and scared. He wasn't supposed to be able to have children and so I am so terrified that I am going to have a tubal pregnancy, miscarriage, or lol, who knows that mabe all 5 test are wrong and somone is playing a really bad joke on me. I could really use some feed back. I have been having some sharp pains in my lower abdomen. Everyone keeps telling me that its menstation, or that its gas but I am so worried that it could be something else...Any thoughts?


Chila - May 8

Hi Becca! Congratulations on your BFP! I too have been having a lot of pains in my abdomen, but I think it's just GAS.. because after I pa__s the gas, I feel a lot better.. So everytime I start to feel the pain, I know I'll be pa__sing gas. So long as I keep pa__sing gas then I'm not going to stress about the pains. If you start to have severe cramping accompanied by any bleeding than I would be concerned and you should call your Doctor okay! Good luck!!! and remember, don't stress too much.. it's not healthy for you and the baby. In your next prenatal visit you'll be able to have an u/s (ultrasound) and I'm sure the Doctor will tell you everything is just fine. Just have Faith!!!


Manda - May 8

Hi Dani, I just found out day before mother's day. I understand the feeling and it is quite normal :) You are not normal


Lisa - May 16

Definately normal. I was watching one of those birthing TV shows and seeing possible issues that could occur. HOWEVER, I keep reminding myself that women have been doing this for decades. Many of them did not take care of themselves. I don't drink or smoke, etc. so I figure I am a step ahead. Stress is not good for your or the baby so just relax and enjoy this time of your life. What will be will be and if you take care of yourself (eat good and walk) I am confident it will all be great. Best to you and your future new one.


Adri - May 17

Dani, this is my first pregnancy too and I freak out over evry little thing. Either I'm too sick and hurting the baby or not sick enough and wondering if baby is still there. Driving my hubby nuts!!! We just have to hang in there and wait for this trimester to end!!


Becca - May 18

Thanks for the advise everyone. I had my first ultrasound tuesday. I am 6 weeks and 3 days today. I heard its little heartbeat and got my 1st pic. I too am ready for this 1st trimester to be over with. I have been so sick. Especially after I eat. yet I'll be sooo hungry. It's crazy. I'm driving my boyfriend crazy as well but were hangin in there.


vanessa - May 18

I worry too. The feelings are all new, the hormones are going crazy.... it's totally normal. After you have your first prenatal appointment you will feel a bit better. Hang in there!!


Kimberly - June 30

im pregnant and only 3 weeks and i was wondering how can you tell if you have more than one child at such a yound stage without a test... please help.


liz - July 8

this is not my first pregnancy (actually my 5th) but my youngest is 15 so its been a long time and i am anxious about every little thing i feel going on in my belly with my new baby but i finally realized that its all new for me and i was too busy to notice these things as much when i was busy with my other young children. you just need to relax and put it all in GODS hands.



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