Any1 10 Weeks

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Precious - December 10

Hi everyone... I just wanted to see if any one else was 10 wks preggo.. im just about close and i just wanted to hear anyone else experiance and see how they r feeling??


ShoppingForTwo - December 10

Hey Precious I'm 10w5d almost 11 weeks. This weekend I didn't throw up at all and it freaked me out! This morning I threw up before breakfast so I feel a lot better now. I hate NOT feeling pregnant. How are you feeling?


Faye84 - December 10

hello, Im almost 11 weeks pregnant. I have no morning sickness at all.


stefkay - December 10

Hi! I turned 10 weeks yesterday and overall am feeling better. I never threw up at all, just felt queasy/icky a lot of the time. Now it is less frequent. I have my 3rd u/s Wednesday if weather cooperates. Ice storms moving through the midwest and I have to travel a ways to get to the dr. I'm seeing for the first 12 weeks. I'm thinking it may be pushed back though :(


Precious - December 10

I feel awful today last week i didnt feel pregnant at all meaning no symthoms n i felt empty .. but this past weekend ive slept in more hrs than ever. But today i cant keep anything in and my stomach really hurts i been nauses n have been throwing up freaquently.. its not a good feeling!


heatherjene - December 10

Hi - I am 10 weeks today and yeah feeling sick all the time really sucks! The only thing I know to compare it to was a really bad hangover that lasts all freakin' day. Just remember that it will go away!! Good luck


newlywed0915 - December 10

Precious, I'm 11 weeks and 3 days today. I'm mostly just tired and not nauseous. I still can't eat too much meat though. Starting week 10 is when the real fatigue hits. Try to get 12 hours of sleep a day. The baby is about to get a huge growth spurt and is going to suck a lot of energy from you. I'm enjoying cat naps and sleeping in on the weekends. I haven't thrown up for almost a month now, but some symptoms subside and you may or may not get all of them at once. Don't freak out if they seem to subside for a day or two...they'll come back. I find myself constantly cheking for b___st tenderness. Lol


dyarcho - December 10

I will be 10 weeks tomorrow :) i go for an ultrasound to check on my sub choronic hemmorhage. i unfortunately have that. its scary. because you bleed and spot at times. i hope its going away!! i have never had morning sickness, my b___sts dont hurt like at the beginning. it still hasnt sunk in yet that i am prego! :)


ahemann99 - December 12

i'm 10 wks and a few days and the tireness is surpressing a bit...thank GOD...I need all the energy i can with my 15 mo old daughter. The sickness is also going away a bit, but still holding on a bit.


caro99 - December 13

Hi ladies; im 9w2d - nearly 10wks. M/S was bad during wk 6 & 7 but now i am fine is only sore b___bs; short breath and bloating. It looks like it gets better with time. I am looking forward to an exciting pregnancy eventhough 9m is a very lvery ong time.



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