Any Advice For Acne Issues

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heather28 - March 6

I'm 28 and have always had mild to moderate acne. I have tried everything available. Before I found out I was preggo I was using murad. I had to stop b/c it contains salicylic acid which is supposedly harmful. I can't use benzyl peroxide products b/c I have very sensitive skin and it irriates my face too much. Is there anything I can use now that will keep flare ups to a minimum? I also have issues with blackheads at the corners of my mouth and my nose. And to top it off I have very oily skin...I need help. :( Anybody got any suggestions? My current skincare is wash twice a day. I use Oil of Olay sensitive skin wash to remove makeup, and then I use Witch Hazel. If no make-up I use generic Cetaphil body wash (I can't use the one made for face b/c it's too drying) and follow w/ Witch Hazel. I do use Neutragena moisturizer for sensitive skin b/c if I don't my face will get twice as oily.


Kime - March 7

Well i used to have bad skin but i started using proactive and it went away. Once i found out i was pregnant my face broke out again so bad that i have an appointment with the dermatologist. No really you should see my face. But i have actually started using Clean and clear and it actually is clearring up my face a little bit. I don't know what to do about the scars though from the bumps, can i use a toner? Anyways Mary kay also has a teen line called velocity and that works very well to and you can use it while preggo. The consultant that i order from just had a baby and that is what she uses. I have very dry skin and it has gotten worse, but i have to wash my face twice a day b/c it is so out of control, im happy i only have 3.5 months to go and ill have her and my face will clear up again... Hope you feel better soon!!!! P.S. ask your dr. about your face b/c sometimes they have good suggestions also.


tk07 - March 7

hi, i was wondering the same thing. i don't think it is the salicylic acid that is bad though because normal face washes have that in it and my Dr told me i could use topical treatments like clyndamicin and that is fine. i have been having a problem more so with my back breaking out.... i hate it. i am supposed to be in a wedding in june and it better start to get better! i use clean and clear black head clearing and it works pretty good. i have a bad t-zone that i have to use the oil absorbing sheets everyday. i am going to ask my Dr next time i go if they have any suggestions.


ginger6363 - March 7

ahh, I am dealing with this problem, too. I was using Proactive before I got PG and it seemed to be helping a lot---but that was then. I get these terrible, deep nodules and they are very painful. I have about five right now on my chin and cheeks and they are driving me crazy!!!! I did some reasearch on home remedies (hoping that will be less harmful.) I saw some recommendations to apply apple cider vinager to the affected area (I havent tried this) or to hold a peroxide-soaked cotton ball to the area for ten minutes. I did the peroxide-cotton ball thing last night on my affected areas and it seemed to help a bit--they weren't as immflammed or painful this morning. I'm gonna keep it up for a week and see how it goes. For now, it seems promising.


charee - March 7

AHH! I have always had moderate/mild acne as well, and very oily skin. When I am pregnant the acne gets VERY BAD (and when pg i get it on my upper back and upper chest also, very annoying), and my skin is even more oily, and dry! I dont know how i have those both, lol. Anyway I was using proactiv and clearasil, once each a day. I stopped using the clearasil because i read in a book its bad while pregnant, i think it has some form of asprin in it?? Not sure. ANyway my sister in law ordered some Murad and I have been using that for a week! I really like it and think it is helping a lot.... but now am wondering if its bad and why i ever tried it in the first place!!!! Does anyone know?


lisarenee - March 7

A dermatologist may tell you not to do this, but my OB nurse said it is fine....I use to have bad acne as an adolescent (my facial skin is very sensitive, any other product only made me break out) and the ONLY thing that turned it around was using alcohol swabs on my face. You buy them in a box at the drug store and I use then daily. The astringents didn't even work. However, that Proactive may be better for you and sounds like it works...I am going to that website now!


first-timer - March 7

I have always had bad skin and I am using proactiv and it seems to still be working but a friend of mine today who had bad pg acne told me today that she used baby wipes and that kept her skin clear and moisturized.


heather28 - March 7

Well I have used Proactiv at two different times in my life and it didn't work either time. It has benzyl peroxide in it which I think I must be allergic to. I guess I'm just cursed w/ bad skin. I just think there should be a rule somewhere that acne and wrinkles can't occur on the same face! I asked my OB about the Murad b/c that's what I was using. She said they don't like you to absorb a lot of salicylic acid which Murad is loaded with. Apparently there haven't been any studies done to prove either way. But in lab rats it causes birth defects if used during pregnancy. Who knows.


Kime - March 8

Im not sure if you can use proactive while pregnant though, so i would ask the dr. before using it. When i found out i was pregnant i stopped using it, b/c it has some kinda chemical in it that might harm the baby , but it might be fine to use i've just never asked. If any of you guys find out let me know!!!


ginger6363 - March 8

I asked my OB


ginger6363 - March 8

I asked my OB and he said Proactive and other topical treatments are fine.



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