Any Babies Due In Nov Yet

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tryin44 - February 25

I am due nov 1st. Just wonderring if anyone else is out there yet.


bluv5147 - February 25

hello tryin44, i'm due Nov.3rd... have u gone to your first dr.appt yet? do u have any symptoms yet?


angelkitty - February 25

i am due Nov 1st as well.


ChattyKathy - February 26

Congratulations, ladies =) One of my good friends just found out that she is due in Mid October, so I guess you all just recently got your BFPs. Congrats!!!


mel06 - February 26

I am due around the same time. I haven't been to the doc's just yet, but based on the computer's info, i am due either oct 31, or nov 1st. congrats to all of you ladies!


jenny - February 26

i'm due on 28th feb... and hoping i'm pregnant.. it would be due 9th november! fingers crossed... having symptoms but nor sure whether its in ym head or not


tryin44 - February 26

I am going to call the doc this morning. I have had a bit of upset stomach and nousious but no vomit yet. Really nothing that happened before I found out. I though for sure I was starting af but never came. I spotted for like four days about 9dpo so I thought,well maybe but it kind of caught me off guard.


rj_80 - February 26

Hey! I just found out yesterday that I'm preggers!! So excited. Tested very early but I just knew that it had worked! Jenny - I was due on the 28th and tested early. So my baby (feels so odd saying that!!) is due on the 9th too - will be great because my birthday is the 1st! Will be a wonderful present! And Tryin44 - I had spotting at 6dpo. Totally threw me too and I was getting depressed with it all but then realised I was feeling odd too just a few days later and realised what happened! What an exciting time! Good luck to us all!


bluv5147 - February 26

well what got me was that i was cramping really bad, i never had spotting or anything... i got sooo depressed cuz i was cramping the worst ever and as soon as i took the test it all went away... i don't really have any symptoms either, except that i'm breaking out really bad and i have nooo appet_te what so ever... i'm going to the doctor march 7th, by then i should be a week and a half late... can anyone tell me what to expect on that first doctors visit??


rj_80 - February 26

I live in the UK and I went to see the doc today. To be honest had no idea what I was supposed to do next. I pee'd on the stick and there was that amazing line and then I was like ... right.... what happens now! I went this morning and they were lovely - they said that they trust the preg test (i have done 3 already and another 2 just for rea__surance tomorrow - i'm addicted to checking it's still there!). Here they see you at 8 weeks so I have to wait until the 20-something of March. They gave me a pack which basically says that they are going to ask a tonne of questions about my and DH health, family history, weight, diet, exercise, dates etc etc, But most exciting of all (if I've read it right) I get a dating scan to check that I got the date correct and to see if there are twins(gulp) and that generally everything is going well! Blimey! Thought I'd have to wait months but it seems I get that one first time I see them! Can't imagine there will be anything distigushing to see but I'm so excited already. I am the most impatiant person ever so I don't know how I'll contain myself!


MrsShelton217 - February 26

I am due Nov. 1st as well.


MrsShelton217 - February 26

I have my first prenatal appt this wednesday... I am having a sonogram done. I am considered high risk b/c of giving birth to my first baby at 28 weeks... then loosing my second baby at 8 weeks and losing number three at 6 weeks. This is my 4th pregnancy. I am cautiously optimistic about this one... My doc is going to see me once a week to moniter my HCG levels.


ahay - February 26

I also found out I was pregnant on Monday the 19th. My due date should be Nov 3rd or so. I have my first prenatal appt on march 28th so wish me luck.


tryin44 - February 26

Well, looks like the month of nov is going to fill up fast. It will be fun to wait it out together. I'm going to get off here and call my doctor see when they want to see me.


oncemore - February 26

That is great ladies! Congratulations! I was soooooo hoping to be preggers and due the end of Oct. But it didn't happen for me (it was my first postpartum cycle--I have a 7 month old dh---as well as two older kids). We want one more and sooner the better. I will be 37 this summer. My niece (who is like a cousin to me) just found out she was pregnant (we where on the very same cycle day and ttc. She got preggers and I didn't. But that is ok. She soooo deserves to as she can have a hard time getting pg. I on the other hand shouldn't be having a hard time, but my body may not be working just right with the hormones -still b___st feeding. I usually don't even have a period until after the year of b___stfeeding. I am so hopeful to be able to join the November due dates with you all. I am on cd 5 and so waitng to "O". Wish me luck! Lots of baby dust and sticky powder to you all!


oncemore - February 26

oops, I meant to say that I have a 7 month old dd. ( my dh has been with me for 10 years!)


bluv5147 - February 26

hey oncemore, good luck ttc i'm sending lots of baby dust your way!!



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