Any Body In Their 20 S And Due In June

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Amy - October 29

I've had one miscarriage about 2 years ago. Now I'm 6 weeks and would love to share symptoms and stuff with someone. Is anyone gaining weight out there? I feel like I am.


Dia - October 29

Hi Amy, I am 23 and pregnant with my first. I am close to being 8 weeks. I have been horrifically sick...I have been throwing up a lot and my entire day is sitting down trying not to hurl! It is awful - I went to the hospital for an IV yesterday, and they gave me anti-nausea medicine. I sure hope this doesn't last very long - it is killing me! How about you? Are you sick? My sickness didn't hit until the very first day of my 7th week. When I went to the Dr he said the baby only measures at 6 weeks....but there is no way that is possible! DH and I only had s_x one day that whole month, so it kind of worries me....but we did see the heartbeat....good luck to you!!


amy w - October 29

hi amy and dia! dia...i think that we have been on the same thread before...good to see that (aside from the sickness) you and baby are doing well. i am 25 and pregnant for the 3rd time, but this will be my first baby (knock on wood that all goes well), i have seen the heartbeat as well, and it looked good and strong, so that has put my mind at ease some. where do you ladies live? amy...i also feel like i am gaining fact, i know that my hips are getting wider, because, i have already had to buy a size bigger in jeans, so i guess the growing starts already lol...good luck to us! thanks amy for the post! oh yeah! how old are you amy! talk to you soon!


mama-beans - October 29

Hello! I am 26 and pregnant with my 2nd child. We had HUGE fertility issues with the first child, and figured we were only having one, since it was very painful and expensive to conceive her... a year later and SURPRISE we are pregnant again... It is wonderful! I had my first ultrasound last Wednsday, and all looked well. Now I'm just waiting for the nausia to go away.


Kim - October 30

I am 23 and pregnant with my 2nd. I too have had a miscarriage and things are kind of scary this time. I will be 8 weeks on friday, so I'm just over 7 weeks. I have had 2 ultrasounds. 1 that didnt have a heartbeat, but went again last thursday at 6 wks 6 days and all was well. I have been very sick too. My doc has put me on 2 different nausea meds neither of which are working very well. UGH!! anyways keep us posted.


Margo - October 30

hi Ami, I'm 27. I had miscarriage in may. I have 3 year old boy and I'm 8 weeks pregnant. I'm very scared too. I saw the heartbeat at my 1st sono at 7 weeks. But I'm still very worried about the baby and the pregnancy in general. I'm feeling ok during the day(although I get hungry, if i dont eat i get very nauseaus), but closer to the dinner time i get nauseaus and usually throw up. How are you doing?


Jen - October 30

Hi ladies!! I am 8weeks, 2 days-24 years old with my third pregnancy. I mc my second in July. I have my first ultrasound in the morning and I am sooo excited!! Having horrible nausousness and sooo tired!!! Feeling so bloated too!!


Lindsey - October 30

I'm 26 and due 8h June, I'm 7 weeks today and i saw the baby's heartbeat last week. I have my 9 week scan on 14th Nov. I miscarried 2nd August this yar, this one feels totally different, symptoms are tronger and although i'm stresed that i will lose it gain, i am keeping myself busy until 12 weeks.


Lindsey - October 30

Sorry due 18th june ( 3 days after my birthday)


Lindsey - October 30

Hope you understand my message, my keyboard is playing up


Renee - October 30

Hello Ladies, May I join you? I'm 28 and pregnant with my first. Currently I am in my 7th week (and 2 days) I'm going for an internal u/s tomorrow morning and very excited about it. I started feeling sick in the middle of my 6th week. I was only sick in the morning, at first. . After a few days of that, it started stronger in the evening hours. Just to spice things up a bit - I'm now waking up at 5AM with it. Apparently anything goes with me. I (Literally) just got finished with a crying fit - anyone else having those? On top of all that, I don't feel like eating much. When I do, I spend up to 3 hours letting little burps up and just feeling uncomfortable. For someone who loves sleep, I'm hating my bed - I stare at my pillows so much these days and it's just so depressing.. I was the happiest person during my 5th week - I had my bosses scratching their heads. I'm nervous to go to work tomorrow after hte u/s. I don't wnat to feel this horrible at my desk....... :-(


Dia - October 30

Hi Renee! OMG - you and I must be pregnancy twins! I let out the little burps too and it is the worst! It is almost like I am wanting to throw up, but not quite. I hear that this will go away in the 11th week...but I have a hard time thinking another 4 weeks of this! Good luck tomorrow - it is soooo neat to see - just remember the big black whole on the screen is your uterus :) I didn't know that and thought I had a huge problem! Let us know how it goes - is your hubby or bf going with you??


Renee - October 30

Hi Dia! Oh no - 4 more weeks of 'the burps" I refuse to believe it's true!!! My husband is coming with me tomorrow. I'm not sure how he'll be with it - considering it's internal, not external. I've already explained everything, and he says he's ok,... i guess we'll find out tomorrow! You know what else I'm feeling - and it started today, but I cried for about a half hour today, cause my husband went to the Giants Game and I wasn't feeling well. I didnt want to be alone, but didn't realize it until about 2 hours AFTER he left! I'm feeling pretty down, even though the tears have stopped. I feel like an awful wreck right now. Where's the "glow"?????


Dia - October 30

You are not alone, Renee! I was so sick this week and DH had to work 12 hour shifts (he's air force) and I never saw him at all! When I was hospitalized, they did an internal u/s and DH was there with me. It wasn't really uncomfortable or anything, my doctor was really professional. Just make sure your hubby stands by your head. My hubby said it was really cool to see the baby and the whole "internal" thing didn't bother him at all, even if my doc is a man. It made me a little nervous b/c I am supposed to be 7 wks 6 days today and the doc said I was measuring about a week behind. Not sure how that will work out, and since I am military they won't see me until I am 12 weeks. I am going crazy!!! Thank goodness I am a full-time student and don't have to work everyday. I would sooooooo be fired! Even doing my homework is taxing....but speaking of homework - I better go do it! Good luck Renee!


Dani - October 30

Hi everyone - I am 5 weeks pregnant with my first. The only symptoms I have really had is sore b___sts, hunger, thirst and headaches. I have not had morning sickness yet - I hear that it sometimes starts in the 6th week. I hope I get it, I hear that if you do not get morning sickness you are at greater risk for m/c. I don't know how true that is, hopefully it's not! I am due June 30th!!! Congrats to all!!!!!!!!!!!


Jess - October 30

Hi, Dani I'm with you. Your symptoms sound exactly like mine. I am also 5 weeks along and due the same week. I have not heard the myth about the link between no morning sickness and m/c. I sure hope it is not true. Good luck in the weeks ahead!!!!


melanie - October 31

Hi ladys, can I join you I am 24 and 8 weeks pregnant with my 4th I ahve a 3 year old son and 1 year old twins, So to Dani I did not have any morning sickness with any of my first pregnancys not even with the twins I didnt have any symptoms at all. But with this one I guess I am paying the price because I have every symptom in the book



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