Any Christmas Or New Years Babies

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AMB - April 23

Yea...I finally got my BFP on Saturday...I am excited, but worried about miscarriage again (as I had a previous MC in September). My LMP was March 18-- but I know that I am not 5 weeks yet because I ovulate a little late (not 28 day cycle). Any way I just wanted to see if there were any other Christmas/New Years babies?


jessb - April 24

When is your due date? MIne is 12/5.


jstaley1228 - April 24

Hi, AMB! I also m/c last september and got my BFP a week and a half ago. I believe my due date is Dec. 22. I had some spotting yesterday that freaked me out. I think I'm extra nervous cause of the m/c so I went in for an ultrasound and it was too early to see antying so they are testing my HCG levels. I to back tomorrow for another blood draw they can use for comparison. This is super scary but I'm also very hopeful. I know us ladies that have had a m/c will have tons of fear regarding losing another baby but we just have to talk to eachother and keep eachother clam for our growing little babies! I know exactly how you feel but hang in there and a HUGE congrats to you! Do you know your exact due date? Will it be around Dec 28th? That is my dh and I's anniversary so must be lucky!


CaliTrish - April 24

Hi Ladies - Congrats on your BFPs!!! I had a missed miscarriage diagnosed just before the holidays and ended up having a D&C four weeks later. Jstaley - it's so good to see you on this board. Your kind words back then helped me get through that whole ordeal. You won't believe it, but my due date is also Dec. 22, which happens to be my father's birthday. I'm so worried about this one that I haven't even told my ob/gyn yet. I've been thinking about getting my hCG levels tested, but I wonder if it's better or worse to know this early. I'm afraid to jinx it. Thinking of waiting till 8 weeks to get an u/s. By then, there should definitely be a heartbeat. Someone on the MC forum said that "Miscarriage takes away the innocence of pregnancy." It's so true. Anyway, sticky vibes to all of you.


lrodriguez83 - April 24

I took a test on Tuesday night, it was positve, so i took another one like 20 min later and still positive. I took one today and positive. I am so excited. I have a 2 yr old little boy and if I have calculated correctly, this little one would be due 12-24 or 12-25. A Christmas blessing.. We are thrilled.


CaliTrish - April 25

Jstaley - just wanted to wish you luck with the blood draw today. When do you get the results? I've got my fingers crossed for you that they will have doubled...tripled...quadrupled!!!


jstaley1228 - April 25

Thanks, Trish. I had my draw this morning. Almost barfed all over myself on the way there. I think my morning sickness is here. Lovely... I asked the nurse if she thought I would have my results by this afternoon but she was kind of a hooker about the whole thing and acted like I was inconveniencing her. Whatever...If I haven't heard anything by 3 or 3:30 I plan to start calling the office non-stop until I get some answers. I just can't sit through the whole weekend on pins and needles! Thank you so much for thinking of me, I really appreciate it. That is so cool that our due dates are the same! Please don't worry about jinxing your pregnancy. If this baby is meant to be...wild horses couldn't stop it. You should call and just make your 8 week appt. I wish I hadn't had a u/s the other day. Not seeing anythign made me really crazy as that is how my bilghted ovum was last year. I have never seem a h/b so I'm scared. If (WHEN!) my numbers come back good today my next appt will be my 8 week on May 13th. There should be a hb by then or that will be bad news but I am certainly not going there yet! And your exactly right...your first mc really does steal the innocence of pregnancy. It's not that I am not's just WAY different that the first time with a LOT more fear involved. I noticed that when I told my parents about our second pregnancy...they were kind of like, "well, don't get too excited. Wait a few weeks." And while I totally understand that it was so much more fun the frist time when they celebrated and broke out the wine and laughed and talked and dreamed and then we lost it. So, this is definitely different. But this baby will be loved just as much if not more because of what we have been through. Well, enough rambling! Thanks again for your thoughts and I'll be sure and check in on Monday to let you know how things went...but they are going to be fine!


pandachan - April 25

jstaley1228 : Hope everything goes well for you! I did Ovulation Induction Treatment (3rd try) this is my first pregnancy. According to my LMP (March 19th), I'm 5 weeks 2 days pregnant. I had blood drawn on the 16th and my HCG level was only 14, and on the 23rd my HCG was 384. My Nurse advise me my duedate is going to be approx Dec 26th however might be later cause implantation could've happen much late since i don't cycle normally. I do have a US sceduled for May 8th, and hopefully everything is going good =)


toriemae17 - April 25

I'm 8 weeks now. My due date is for Dec. 7th, but at my last appt. I was 7 wks, and the baby was measuring out at 6 wks, so they might have my ovulation date off. So that would make my baby due on Dec. 14th. The day before my boyfriends birthday. How cute would it be to have the baby on his b-day :-D


CaliTrish - April 25

Pandachan & Toriemae17 - Congrats on your BFPs! So, I just called to schedule my first prenatal appt. I was hoping for Week 8, after Mother's Day. The only appt I could get was May 7 - I'll be 7w2d, one day after I found out I had a missed m/c with the last pregnancy. I'm torn between pessimism & optimism. It would ruin my anniversary and Mother's day to get bad news again, but on the flipside it would be an awesome gift if we saw/heard a strong heartbeat. Should I contact my doc and see if she can squeeze me in the week after Mother's Day?


toriemae17 - April 25

I was 6wks 6days and was diagnosed with a b/o. That was last saturday. This past tuesday I was 7wks 2days, I went back to my OB and they did a transv____al u/s They found my little miracle with a heartbeat. I'm sure everyone is different. But at my 7wks2days They seen mine plain as day. My advice, keep your appt. But i'm impatient. LoL. Best Of Luck.


CaliTrish - April 25

Ohmigod, Toriemae, how did they go from a blighted ovum to embryo with a heartbeat in 3 days??? What if you had acted on that b/o diagnosis and had a D&C? I want to thank you for trying to rea__sure me that my little bean could be seen at 7w2d, but this just makes me want to wait until there is absolutely no doubt. No chance of a misdiagnosis.


toriemae17 - April 25

Well i started bleeding, about the amount of a menstrual cycle, and my mom took me to the hospital. They did a transv____al there and said they seen nothing but an empty sac. Me and my boyfriend just broke down. The Dr's told me that I could opt for a D&C or wait to have a natural M/C but i should follow up with my OB within the next few days. So I did, they checked my hcg levels and they were right on schedule, they doubled in 48 hrs. so they went ahead with another transv____al at my OB clinic, and there my little miracle was. My whole family has been on such an emotional rollercoaster this past week. But I pray everyday that everything will be okay. I'm keeping my head high :-D But I'm still spotting actually, which is my only scare. But i'm going to get through this. <3


AmBam - April 26

Hi all! I am 5 weeks today. If I go by the typical 40 weeks, I will be due December 26th or 27th. I also had a miscarriage at 7 1/2 weeks back in January (after seeing the heartbeat twice.) I am trying to be optimistic about this one, but it's so hard! I just don't want to be heart broken again. I started spotting at 5 1/2 weeks last time... so I keep thinking I'm going to start spotting this week. I get so anxious everytime I go to the restroom because I'm afraid of sseeing something on the toilet paper. Since I''ve had a miscarriage, the doctor tested HCG levels three days apart. They went from 192 to 1500, so it looks good-- but I'll be happier after May 7th (my first sonogram.)


AMB - April 26

I am not exactly sure what my due date will be...if they go by my LMP then my due date will be December 22, but I know I ovulate a little late so I am guessing more like the 24, 25, or 26.....but I am a sonographer and know very well the there is no difference in the 22 to the 26...that the baby will come when it very well chooses. I have had my HCG levels checked 2 times already (to calm my nerves) and they more than doubled in the 48 hours. I have also had an non-official transabdominal US and know that there is a small, but obvious gestational sac there. I will have Transv____al US one day this week or next (that just isn't something I can do myself- ha ha). I am still nervous, but will not stress my self out and take each day as it comes. Congrats to you all and Best Wishes!!!


cubbie - April 27

I haven't tested yet as I've never shown pos before 5 1/2 weeks, but last lmp was March 23 - which would make me 5 weeks and therefore due 28 December if I am pregnant, which I'm sure I am - late period, lower back pain, extreme fatigue - Having said that I was induced with my younger dd at 42 weeks! I also mc recently in the beginning of Feb, so I'm really nervous especially as this was the first af since the mc. I'll probably test towards the end of the week and hopefully I'll get my BFP!


AmBam - April 27

Cubbie, let us know the results! I hope you see two beautiful lines!!



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