Any February 2009 Mommies

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jcross414 - June 16

Recently found out we are expecting baby #2 in Feb. 09. Loved this site with #1 and thought it would be fun to have a Feb. mommies board.


CapaxInfiniti - June 16

I'm a week late, my period being due June 10th, last period was May 13th. That would make me due around February 18th of 2009. I'm not 100% sure yet, but I have my feelings. Good luck darling!! ~Meygan~


Melissa32179 - June 17

Hi Jcross. I am due Feb 2nd with number 3. I have a 6 year old boy (7 in august) and a 10 month old girl (1 in July). I already went to my first appoinment and had an ultra sound at the time I was 6 weeks. 7 weeks as of today and I get go back on Thursday for another ultra sound. My pregnancy with DD was considered high risk so they are keeping an eye on my this time. Have you been to the doctor yet??? When are you due?? I will probably not make it to Feb with this one...but hey you never can tell. How do you feel??? I have been puking at least 3 times a day, very nauseous and tired. Other then that I feel fine...LOL Congratulations


FlyBear - June 17

I haven't been to my first Dr's appointment yet. It's in 2 days so I don't have an official due date yet, but I'm sure it's going to be somewhere around February 10, 2009. I'm excited. This will be our first. I'm feeling good other than the extreme fatigue, which I posted about, feel free to respond. Everything seems to be going fine but I'm worrying like crazy already. Is that normal? I just want to make it to Feb and give birth to a normal, healthy, happy baby.


newbaby2009 - June 17

Im due Feb. 12 with #2!


annaky - June 17

Hi, I am pregnant with baby #3 and due somewhere in the middle of Feb. I have two boys a two year old and a nine month old and hoping for a girl this time. I hope everyone has an easy pregnancy. Good luck.


jcross414 - June 17

I am due Feb 5....but Melissa, by b-day is Feb 2 so thats a good due date! My first one was born at 37 weeks exactly so if this one follows suit, it will actually be January but who knows. And I have been super nauseous with this one so far. Was never sick with my last one! And if I'm awake for 3 hours at a time, I feel exhausted! Not good with a 13 month old ! :) Welcome all!


jcross414 - June 17

Fly Bear, its normal to be worrying. I know I did the first time. Not quite as much this time but I think only because I don't have as much time to worry as I did the first time! My first DR. appt is July 9


newbaby2009 - June 17

jcross we are very similar. My daughter just turned 1 on June 13.


Rania03 - June 18

I'm due in Feb of 2009. :) I'm 5 weeks pregnant but it shows as if i'm 3 months lol. I'm having a lot of obdominal pain and I use the bathroom a LOT. I' m 23 and this is my first and I'm soooo excited. Goodluck for all of the mommies :)


FlyBear - June 18

jcross, I'm glad it's normal to worry. I'm always worrying. I'm sure a lot of that has to do with it being my first too. I worry about how I'm going to keep my eyes open to make it through the work day, I worry if something will happen and I'll lose the pregnancy, I worry about everything right now, but when I am not worrying, I'm so excited. We're practically giddy about it.


jcross414 - June 18

Finally able to eat today, and food actually sounded good! Been about a week since that has happened!


breezieb - June 19

Hi ladies, I am due feb 21st of 2009. I am still very early. I am going for u/s on the 30th to see te heart beat. This is baby #3. i did have 2 m/c in 2007 and i am a little scared but trying to think positive!


FlyBear - June 19

I had my first appointment today. Dr confirmed pregnancy and wants me back in three weeks. We're going to do an ultra sound then. Will we be able to hear a heartbeat? I should be about 10 weeks by then. My fiance wants to make sure he's there for that. I'm excited. Good luck to everyone.


IsabellasMommy - June 19

Hi ladies. Just found out a week ago that I'm pregnant, doctor ordered blood work. My doctor said that my baby is due Feb 14, 2009...Valentines Day!!!!! My first appointment with my doctor isn't until July 21 though.


breezieb - June 21

CONGRATULATIONS!! flybear & isabellas mommy!!! flybear - at 10 weeks u can see that heart beat, Is this ya'lls first? yeah that is a fun visit! isabella- i am due feb 21...Is this your first baby?


FlyBear - June 21

Breezieb, yeah, it's our first and I'm sooooo excited about the next appointment. I've taken 3 positive HPTs, did a urine test at the Dr that was positive and did a pelvic exam where he declared yet again that I was pregnant, but I still can't believe it on some level because other than extreme fatigue and sore b___sts I have had no symptoms. I feel normal. My stomach is a little more bloated but my clothes fit fine, no headaches, no sickness... I just wanna hear that little heartbeat so it can really sink in.



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