Any November Moms Out They

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jnine29 - May 2

i'am due in november with twins just wanting to talk with woman who are due in november !!


mandie - May 2

Hey, I am due Nov 18, what day are you due? Will they be your first? I am 21, and pg with my first. Also, how and when did you find out it was twins? I have my suspicions that I also may be having two. My initial round off bloodwork was "wonderfully normal" my doc said, but one hormone level was a little high. Also, multiples run in my family. My uterus felt small at my 8 week exam, though, so probably not. I have my first sonogram tomorrow morning, so hopefully we'll find out if it's one or two then!


ElizabethAnn - May 2

hello ladies!!! I'm 23 years old and due on November 21 with my first!!! so excited!!! how are you ladies doing?!?!?! If any of you wanna chat on AIM , mine is Miidniight47!


jnine29 - May 2

i'am 21 yo and this is my 2nd pg i'am due on the 6th and can't wait


MM - May 2

My due date is Nov. 12th - I'm 27 & this will be our first - very excited & nervous!


18wbabynov - May 2

im 18, 19 in 20 days, and this is my first, due on nov. 12th as well as MM!!! im really really very excited! twins... congrats! my dr. thought my minime was twins too bc of a high hormone level and fam. history, but i think its just one... ill know on mon!


18wbabynov - May 2

just a question for MM, you have the same due date, so what is the week and day amount you're at now? im wondering if its the one my dr told me or the one my ultrasound nurse told me... i should be 12wk5d or 11wk6d each one has said something different!


jnine29 - May 2

they will say that till the baby is biger good luck all 13 weeks and 2 days:D


linzee - May 3

im 19, 20 when the baby comes. im due nov. 14 with my first. both me and dh are super excited!


MM - May 3

18wbabynov - I had an ultrasound a week ago & was told I was due Nov. 12 & was 11 weeks & 2 days - making me 12 weeks & 2 days now. But Nov. 12 is a Monday so I think I am 12 weeks & 3 days. Does the second trimestre start when you are in your 14th week (13 weeks, 1day) or at the end of your 14th week? Thanks!


jnine29 - May 3

MM- i think it starts at the end of 13 weeks , is this ur 1st baby ?


jnine29 - May 3

has any body has or had bad morning sickess? what did you do to not make it so bad for you?


linzee - May 3

MM, i think you are 12 w 3 d too. im 12 w 1 day and im due 2 days after you


venus_in_scorpio - May 4

hi - 20 - due november 20 - 8 days before my 21st bday :o)


jnine29 - May 4

venus_in_scorpio- hi and wow how cool is that!!! when did u found out that you where pregent? is this ur 1st pregnancy ?


Kristin72 - May 4

By my numbers I am due Nov 21st.. I have IPS today my ultrasound is in 1 hour and half..they will be checking the measurements of the baby and also will do some blood work. I am just praying everything is ok. Will keep you updated! Kristin


mandee25 - May 6

I am due November 15 with my first child at the age of 25. I am about 12 weeks pregnant right now.



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