Any Of You Ever Get False Negative Then Positive Blood

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nola-gal - October 23

I am going to the doc today for blood test. Haven't had a period since September 8. Two hpt's say no, but been reading alot about them and they can be wrong up to 25 percent of the time, especially if you ov late or have really diluted urine from drinking lots of water, which I do. So, has anyone ever gotten a false negative?


jenn W - October 23

I asked this question before and a ton of people. A few of the women never got a positive unless they had blood tests. I pray you are pregnant. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!!!!


nola-gal - October 23

Thanks, Jenn. I am not married ( i live with someone), and not ttc, but I would be really happy too. I mean, how can you not be happy about a little one? my partner would be happy, too. And I hope im pregnant, too. Cause if I'm not, something is probably wrong! I'll let you know about the blood test. I think it takes two days to come back.


BriannasMummy - October 23

I too took a bunch of pregnancy tests and got all BFN's. I was 3 weeks late by the time I finally got a positive urine test. I was just about to get blood drawn when I finally got a positive. Its possible for you to have ovulated late, thus making it difficult to get a positive HPT. I wish you lots of luck on your blood test. ~Kristin~


nola-gal - October 23

Thanks BriannasMummy! That's kind of what I suspect, since I am never late! And late ovulation could very well be because of being sick and on antibiotics in mid-september. All that time you were late and testing negative, were you having symptoms? All I feel is bloated and achy. My b___bs are big already and I am very pale, so the veins always show. I also had some pink slimy stuff come out of me a week ago, right when my period was oficially one day late. Hopefully the blood test comes back tomorrow and I can let y'all know. Thanks again and best to you!


CodyKatie5 - October 24

Nola, I took 3 HPT's and 1 urine test at the doc when I was a week late and they came back negative. I did test positive though in the blood, so it is possible. That was last December and unfortunately, my daughter was stillborn in August at full term due to a cord accident. So yes, it is very possible that urine tests could give you false negatives. I was on the pill before and was only off for a month and a half when I got pregnant. I think I may have conceived her later than what we thought, which is why I probably tested negative in urine. Anyways, good luck. DH and I will be trying to conceive again in about another month.



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