Any One 7 Week Pregnant

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mansi - June 28

Hi is there any one 7 week pregnant..


RMC - June 28

Not 7 weeks quite yet Mansi, but I'm close, 6 weeks and 4 days. How's your pregnancy going so far?


Seredetia - June 28

I'm 6w6d today. ;) Close enough??


luvmydogs - June 28

I am exactly 7 weeks pregnant today! Due on Feb. 14th...Valentine's baby!


MaryRoco - June 29

I just posted on another thread, but am due for a Valentine's baby too! Congrats on your little Cupid!


mansi - June 29

I was intially told that my due date is 14th Feb but later with ultra sound report they told it is 17th Feb.congrats all the moms. and thanks for sharing.. I hope we keep on sharing our problems and remedies all along...


bj - June 29

Hey, all. I am 7 weeks today!! Due date is Feb. 15.


tritty - June 29

when did you guys get your BFP? i had my first ultrasound and it said that the fetal age is 7w 5d and my due date is feb. 10th BUT i think that translates to 9w 5d gestational age.... i'm just really confused about the due date. that place that did the ultrasound said they use a 42 weeks time frame for pregnancy and usually it's 38 weeks (if you count fetal age) or 40 weeks if you count from the first day of your last period..... any insight?


bj - June 29

hey, tritty. I got my bfp on June 12. My due dates not comfirmed with my doctor. I did an online calculation of my last cycle, and Feb. 15 was my estimated due date. My first ultrasound is on July 10. Hope all is going well with you.


mansi - June 29

Hi everyone thanks for responding.i have thyroid problem if any one have or had this problem plz share with me.i want to ask one question too i do not have any nause feeling is that natural .Right now i am 7 week 3 day pregnant.


RMC - June 29

I got my bfp on June 14, when my period was 3 days late. Tritty- I think the ultrasound calculates the extra 2 weeks for you, so you would be 7wks if due in mid february.



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