Any One Else Due The End Of January

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kristine - May 19

I just found out this week that I am pregnant for the 1st time (I took 5 tests - all positive) I know, a little overboard, but I am soo excited. I don't have my first doc. appt. until June 2, so I am just feeling anxious and excited and I keep thinking this is not real and I am going to get my period any minute. Anyone else want to share?


Kristie - May 19

I am the same. I found out last week (actually a week ago today). How are you feeling? My drs appt is may 31st. This is my second pregnancy. We are very excited too. I am feeling tired/lazy, off an on upset stomach, still some cramping.


kristine - May 19

Kristie - I am very tired, sore b___bs, and the weird cramping. I am not feeling any nausea yet, but it seems that from what I have been reading I probably have a few more days before that might occur. Are you finding that your symptoms are the same as your first pregnancy? Many blessings to you!


girlfriend - May 19

I am 4weeks and 6 days preggo. My due date is January 20, 2006. This is my first pregnancy and very excited since we have been trying to conceive for 5 years now.


Nora - May 19

I'm due Jan 18th! I'm so excited. We TriedTC for 8 months! This is our 1st pregnancy. Congratulations to everyone!


kristine - May 20

Congrats to everyone! This is so exciting. I would love to hear how all of our Doc. appts. go etc. This is my first time in this forum and it seems that people tend to check in with each other who are due around the same time. I would be game if you all are!!?!


Kristie - May 20

I will definately post on how my dr appt goes. How is everyone feeling? Anyone showing? None of my clothes fit hardly anymore. If it doesn't have elastic, then I can't fit into it. This is my second pregnancy and I did show pretty fast with my first. I just hope that there is only one baby LOL!


kristine - May 20

I am still just so very tired. I am having a hard time staying awake at work. I am still having the mild twinges and cramping on and off and I think I have gained 5 pounds in each b___b! I will enjoy the updates! Especially if you come back and tell us you do have two in there. ; )


Jody - May 20

Hey everyone. I had a + hpt this past Sun. My first dr. apt. is 06/10/05 - a little annoying they make you wait 8 weeks - there's stuff I want to know now! I'm very anxious and don't want to tell my family until I've seen the dr. & know "for sure", but H can't keep it a secret - 3 of his siblings now know. I've had terrible b___st soreness, upset stomach (always @ 3am!), sore back, very tired, and a HUGE appet_te. I've even been craving beef (ugh!). Worst of all, my memory is terrible - sometime's I can't even remember how to form the letter "T" to write it! Have ya'll told your families yet? That's my scariest - don't want anything to happen and have to "untell them."


kristine - May 20

Now that you mention it - I seem to be having brain lapses as well. Could be because we are so distracted with excitement and nervousness!?! We haven't told our families yet, and my husband wants to wait until father's day; however, my first doc. appt. is June 2nd and then I am going on a weekend road trip with my mom - I don't know how in the world I will be able to keep it a secret. I say if you both agree - go ahead and tell - because if something did happen - God forbid - you would need some support anyway. Many blessings and enjoy the moments!


Jody - May 20

Kristine- road trip w/ your mom. I'd say the question should be - how in the world is SHE going to keep it a secret. If you can sneak this one by her - you're GOOD!


kristine - May 20

Jody - I plan to talk to the hubbie tonight about maybe visiting with my mom after the doc. appt. so that he can be there and I don't have to worry about letting it slip! I honestly don't have enough energy to try and fake it for a whole weekend. :) It is nice to be able to chat with you and others in our boat so that we don't have to feel like there is nobody to talk to! I a__sume this is your first as well? When is your approx. due date? Mine is Jan. 21.


Kristie - May 20

Kristine/Jody- Well I was too excited and most of our family knows. I think my due date is Jan 17. I have been so very tired to. Not full b__wn nausea but definatly find myself gagging at times. I dont look forward to our car trips this summer. I don't know how you will keep it a secret seeing how I have to pee all the time. That would be a huge tip off. I know I hate waiting for the dr appt. I was able to get mine at 7 weeks but that is because my last prenancy was a miscarriage. I made it to 13 weeks and the ultrasound didnt show a heartbeat anymore...had to have a D/C. But trying to stay positive with this one. So I hope each of us has a safe and healthy pregnancy!


sandi - May 20

I'm due January 26 and it seems soooo far away. This is my fith pregnancy but I feel like its my first. I'm so excited and I'm already buying baby clothes,etc


Tal - May 20

I am due January 20th. Went to a doctor ON May 19th when I was 4w6d pregnant. She did a manual test to see if the cervix and uterus look right. Also took the blood for progesterone and HCG test. I scheduled the fisrt ultrasound in two weeks, when I am between 6 and 7 weeks. Can't wait. This is my third pregnancy, the first two miscarried at 8 and 7 weeks respectively, so I am kind of scared and trying not to get too excited.


Hanna - May 21

My due date is january 22nd and now I am just waiting and hoping that this time it is going to be alright. I had a m/c before (6th week) and now I tend to compare this pregnancy with that one (my 6th week has just started). This Monday I want to phone my dr for an appointment and an u/s. I just need to know that everything is alright! Well, good luck to you all ladies!


Amy - May 21

January 24th Hubbys birthday is what I figured to be the due date of our soon to be 2nd bundle of Joy. Our daughter is 5 1/2 and very excited about finally being a big sister! When I think back to her first year...I think we might be a little crazy wanting to do this at 30.



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