Any One Else Due The End Of January

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Amy - May 21

January 24th Hubbys birthday is what I figured to be the due date of our soon to be 2nd bundle of Joy. Our daughter is 5 1/2 and very excited about finally being a big sister! When I think back to her first year...I think we might be a little crazy wanting to do this at 30.


Stacey - May 22

I'm am due January 15th with our 4th child. We are very excited!! I have NEVER had any morning sickness with my previous pregnancies, so hoping for the same with this one. I'm 6 weeks and so far so good. I had my blood work done Friday. I have my 1st u/s on June 17. They also have the new 4D u/s, which that one will be done at 18-20 weeks. I can't wait to see it!! Good luck to you all!!


sandi - May 22

hi guys I'll definetly keep in touch with you guys it gives me something to do and some one to share all my changes to someone who is in the same boat. I too haven't told to many people yet i'm waiting till my doc appt. And my clothes feel a little tight, especially my under clothes, I guess its time to shop:)


Cat - May 23

Hi all, I think I would be due at the end of January but am still waiting for a positive test result. I did one HPT a few days before my mp was due (guess it was too early). took the second one today--negative. my mp was due may 21...i feel pregnant. b___bs bigger, fuller, little sore, even had a couple of bouts of all day morning sickness. what do i do now? do I book a doctors appt. for a blood test or wait and do yet another hpt in a few days?


Kristie - May 23

Cat, your doctor will probably want you to be at least a week late before they do a blood test. I know that is hard to took us 5 mths to get pregnant and each time I was late it was so hard to not test every day after my missed period. Good luck!


Jody - May 23

Kristine/Ladies - if I'm counting right, I should be due around 1/21. I'm getting a little nervous (but trying not too) 'cause my symptoms have eased up quite a bit. My b___bs are still sore -but not as much, no nausea, no back soreness. I'm still hungrier than ever and still bloated, and there's been no cramping or spotting or anything like that. I had to help my folks move steel this last weekend and I tried to be VERY careful and rest and drink lots of water. I'm going crazy just waiting for my dr. apt. (Plus I just read a bunch of stuff about "blighted ovums" - good lord if that wasn't awful. I hope none of you have been through that - and none of us go through that! Is everyone else's symptoms easing up?


Jenni - May 23

Hi, I just found out that I am due at the end of January. I go to the docters on Wednesday to do the official test. My husband and I have two girls and this will be the third!


kristine - May 23

Jody - I understand what you are feeling. It is bizarre how we are wishing to have symptoms. I keep waiting for the nausea to come and it isn't, so that makes me nervous. Even though I know that not everyone experiences it. If I were you, I would call the doc. and just say you are nervous because some of your symptoms have subsided. They will either tell you not to worry, or they will bump up your appointment; however, I have also read that your symptoms can vary greatly, even on a daily basis. Try to stop reading the scary information and just be positive. Stress isn't good for you or the baby. :) Keep in touch and know that even though we don't know each other - I will be thinking of you and wishing you well.


kristine - May 23

Congratulations Jenni!


Christine - May 23

I just found out last week I am pregnant and this was a bit unplanned. My husband and I are so excited. I have been suffering from the fatigue, sore nipples and nauseau. I had a dark brown discharge twice which concerned me however it seems this can be normal!! I am almost 6 weeks and this is so nerve wracking. I am glad they have this board of wonderful women to talk to!


Cat - May 24

thanks Kristie. A week late huh? That might just kill me! I have a friend who's been trying for 5 years and always knew that it was emotional. Now I really understand how she feels! Since my last post, my symptoms have really diminished so I'm a little concerned that this isn't going to work out. I'm a little sad but I just have to wait and see. Has anyone else had early pregnancy symptoms diminish and they were still pregnant?


Jody - May 24

Cat - I had a + hpt and I've actually had my pregnancy symptoms diminish, but since I've yet to have my 1st apt. (06/10), I'm still hesitate to say 100% that I was PG and still am. My hubby says "you are", but having my symptoms diminish is actually scary even though I had a + test and I haven't had any signs of a miscarriage (no spotting or cramping or anything.) Your mp was due 21st? Have you had it yet? Also, have you tried different brands of hpt?


Jen - May 24

Hi!! I am expecting at the end of January and my firstt doc visit is june 8th. this is my 2nd child and I feel completely different than the first time around!! I feel as though I am going to get my period any day too, and I remember feeling that way the first time especially with the cm that I am having. I have had bad queezy stomach and very tired. And some at times painful cramping-but I had that before to. Well, just wanted to say hi and I am in the boat with you!!!


Kee - May 24

I recently just found out I was 5 1/2 weeks pregnant. First pregnancy and unexpected. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. My first symptoms were the sore b___bs, the nausea, and then fatigue. I took two hpt before I finally went to the doctor. And it's official. Ohh...I really am nervous. I just hope and pray that I have a healthy pregnancy, and child. Haven't scheduled my first ob/gyn visit yet. But probably will soon.


jay - May 24

i just found out as well, after taking 3 tests! my first appt is is 05-31-05. having really bad menstrual-like cramps. anyone else feeling the same?


Cat - May 24

Hi Jody, Thanks for your message...nice to know that I'm not alone. I've been feeling kind of PMSy the last couple of days on and off. This evening, I noticed a slight blush discharge so it's either my MP or just another confusing piece of this puzzle. Maybe I should try another brand of hpt. I did clearblue--is there a better alternative?



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