Any One Else Due The End Of January

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jue - June 15

Well it looks like me and hubby are back to ttc. I miscarried last weel when I started to bleed, i had no pain or cramps but more back ache than is normal for me. they did a v____al ultra sound on friday and and checked my hcg levels. the u/s showed an empty uterus and my hcg was 0.5. only just stopped crying. I lost the baby at 6.5 weeks. good luck to you all and brightest blessing and fingers crossed for safe deliveries to you all :).


kristie - June 15

jue-I am so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I know that it is hard to deal with and theres nothing anyone can say that makes it easier. I am glad to hear that you are ttc again. Good luck to you.


Crystal - June 15

Jue-I'm also sorry to hear about your loss. I know how you are feeling at this point because I also had a miscarriage at 6 weeks. Everyone says "well at least you weren't very far along" and so many other things to try and make it seem like it's not that bad. But, the pain is still just as real as if you had been 3 months along. So, I feel your pain and I hope that you become successful the next time around. Was this your first miscarriage? I have had 2 already and they were both early. I am pregnant again and am now in my 8th week. So, hopefully you will have the same good fortune. I'm really excited but still a little reserved b/c I know it can always happen again. Good luck to you.


Muneca - June 15

Well i foud out thats im due on january 1st thats crazy....


clg - June 15

Jue- I am really sorry for your loss. I wish you lots of luck in the future! I hope everything works out well for you! Good luck to you!


Sarah - June 16

I am due Jan. 27 and I had my 1st doctors appt. May 23rd when I was 4wks preggo. I had my 1st U/S June 7(6wks), and just the day before I was lightly bleeding,but told me everything was fine...I even saw the heartbeat and my next appt. isn't intil July 5th. Since then I am now 8wks preggo and I don't even feel like it. I have all the symptoms except morning sickness. I just feel very sick to my stomach. This is my 1st pregnancy and I'm just so afraid that I'm going to have a miscarriage. I probably shouldn't be worrying about that but I can't help it.


Mandy - June 16

Hi everyone. I am due on 1/28/06. 1st time ever being pregnant at 27 yrs old. I honestly thought that dept. was broken somehow. Very nervous and excited all at the same time. I have a lot of cramping, sore b___bs, and killer nausea. No one around me is pregnant right now, so it is nice to know I am not alone in this.


Crystal - June 17

Sarah-I'm due the same day you are. Isn't is so exciting!! This is my 3rd pregnancy but the first 2 were miscarriages at 5 and 6 weeks. I'm really excited that I'm in my 8th week with all the signs of pregnancy. I don't have morning (all day) sickness but I feel extrememly nauseated and I don't feel like eating all the time because food makes me feel sick to my stomach. I'm so happy for you! I have my first U/S on July 4. I can hardly wait to see the heartbeat and the baby! Does anyone know if you can see the baby at 11 weeks?


Judy - June 17

I am due On 1/25/06 but right now it's up in the air about if this baby is going to survive so we'll see


Sarah - June 18

Crystal-I'm so excited that were due the same day. It gives me someone to talk to who is in the same boat as I am. The thing about me is the only time food makes me feel sick to my stomach is around dinner time. It's weird b/c I'm starving but I can't even think of food. I just can't wait intil my next U/S and I really can't wait intil I start showing. When do you usually start showing?


clg - June 18

Judy- I am also due Jan. 25! I really hope everything works out for you and your baby! Good luck to you!


cabbie - June 18

Hi! I am due Jan 30, 2006 with my third child but fifth pregnancy. I lost the last two at 5 and 6 weeks. I am now in my 8th week. I go to the dr July 1. I am nervous and excited. I was so carefree with my two kids while I was pregnant with them. Now since the miscarriages, I am very nervous and on edge. Thought each one got easier! Not!


niki24 - June 20

helllooo Kristine CONGRATULATIONS!!I found out I was pregnant about 3 weeks ago. Im now 8 weeks pregnant with my second child which is due on the same date as my first child..29th of January. And then mine follows on the 30th of January. How weirdly ironic. hehe. My first appointment isnt until the 18th of July, I think at my hospital you have to wait till your past 3months (danger stage) b4 you get an appointment! So ill b 3months and 1 week, which is a bit of a pain in the b___t...the "waiting"...So Anyways I hope all goes well..please keep me posted! good luck.


Crystal - June 20

Sarah-I'm not sure when people usually start showing. I think it depends on your body type but I think it's usually around 3 months. I'm excited to start showing as well. I haven't told anyone yet that I'm expecting (except my husband) because we want to make sure to get over that 3 month mark to feel a little more secure in the news that we tell. But my sister just had a baby on Sat. so I'm really excited about that because this is my first time becoming an auntie and I'm sure she'll be thrilled once I tell her that I'll be having a baby shortly as well. Good luck to you and keep in touch.


Sarah - June 24

Hey new news yet, I'm still waiting to go to my next doctor appt. on July 5th. It's getting closer and closer, but not close enough. Nothing much has changed, just the fact that I can't even b___ton up my pants anymore. I don't even feel pregnant, I feel really fat and bloated. I guess that's normal though. Well, I'll keep you updated and I hope everything goes well with my next appt.


Karen - June 28

Wow, it's so good to know that there are people out there that are due around the same time as me. I am due Jan. 23, 2006. Still feeling nausea quite a bit, but hopefully that will let up within the next couple or few weeks. I have a Dr. Appt. this Friday. Hopefully they will be doing an ultrasound just so that I can see the baby and know that everything is ok! If anyone else is pregnant and due at around the same time I am..feel free to contact me at [email protected] I would love to talk!!!



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