Any One Pregnant And Suffer With IBS With Bad Cramps

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michelle - March 23

i am just over 4 weeks pregnant and am getting quite bad lower cramps, i've read that it is uterus stretching, i get up every night in pain.. i think it is also a mix of stretching and irritable bowel pains and trapped wind!! it tends to ease off after a bowel movement, anyone else suffering from this....


Lynn - March 23

Yes, I am 4 weeks & 1 day & I have the same thing.. I can usually tell that they are gas/bowel cramps b/c they are on the left side & occasionally, run up the left side. Sometimes I feel like if I could just pa__s gas I'd be allright, but I have a hard time pa__sing gas....


michelle - March 24

hello thanks for replying.. i've just seen another post of yours are you also due one the 29th nov?? 3 days without bowel movements (was so bloated), have been today and feel so much better!!!! it seems to mainly come during early hours,makes me sweat, feel sick and i just wanna cry!!


Lynn - March 24

Yes, I am due 11/29 also... I also went today & feel better too. My husband was telling me I was starting to show & I had to explain to him that it wasn't the baby showing!


AMB - March 30

I am going through the same thing and saw your post (michelle) on another page. I am just over 12 weeks and have suffered for a very long time. IBS comes and goes and I had it almost beat before I became pregnant. I was taking these pills (all natural) called intestinal formula (i got from my intestinal irrigation lady) and they worked WONDERS!! Now I am about to cry because I don't know if they are safe during pregnancy. If they have to get them. I am going to get on the website and check them out. I thought natural things were safe but who knows. My doctor was f__gue with me when I asked her like she was rushing for another appt. I just don't know what to do!


A - March 31

would it be okay to take a fiber supplement to help you go while you are taking prenatal vitamins?


**L** - March 31

I think it's o.k. to do the metamucil things. I've been eating 2-3 dried aprocits every morning & they get things moving for me, of course after lunck I'm all agssy & bloated again..


linn - April 1

I may be 2 weeks and am having the same thing. I own a natural health food store and am starting on Psyllium Husks tomorrow! They are great for regulating you..pregnant or not. I really hope this works because I cannot stand the bloating! Did anyone else have symptoms this early? I have crazy heartburn, bloating and gas. This is my 3rd pregnancy (if I am!) with one miscarriage included.


D - April 1

I had that for a couple weeks - up to somewhere in week 6. Then its gotten a LOT better, and I only have the pain once in awhile.


Liz - May 3

Has anyone found relief for this? I am 10 weeks along and I spend 3 or 4 hours every evening laying on my stomach in pain. I don't think I can do this for 30 more weeks. I am certain it is my IBS, just exaccerbated by some aspect of the pregnancy. Before I would only get these pains every few weeks. I go to the bathroom every morning so this starts new each day. Has anyone found anything that works? Any particular foods to avoid?



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