Any Other Ladies Extremely Hormonal

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les706 - March 27

I feel like I am going crazy, I just get so emotional. Today I got home from work to find my husband sitting on the couch playing video games while the house was a mess and he hadn't even started dinner. I started on the dishes (no surprise there, my husband refuses to ever do dishes) and find his can of pepsi sitting in the sink. He couldn't dump it out and put it in the recycling bin! I had the urge to smash the can against his forehead, but settled for the side of the sink instead. Then there's the pizza box sitting on the counter from the night before. Mind you we had to rush through dinner because my stepson had karate. My husband had been up early for work so I offered to take him myself so he could rest... But he couldn't clean up the pizza?? The trash was also overflowing. Then dear hubby walks in while I clean everything up and asks what's for dinner. I wanted to scream!! Instead I finished cleaning and went to bed crying... Ordinarily this wouldn't bother me so much, it's pretty much a normal day in my house thanks to my mother in law who never worked and always did the cooking and cleaning and babied her only son... But I have realized my emotions (particularly anger) have been excessive while pregnant. Any other ladies experiencing anything like this? I won't even get into the road rage...


GloriaD - March 31

I found your post as I'm sitting on my couch crying and feeling totally sorry for myself!!! This is my 4th pregnancy and I've never been quite this bad! The tension in my house right now is so bad that I don't even want to be here! Dh and I are probably just adjusting to the news, but its awful! I deal with clients, I do taxes, and today I had to call a client that was unhappy with the cost of her preparation and I had to wait 2 hrs to call her because I immediately wanted to call her and give her an earful over how hard I work and how much time I've committed to her! I'm only 6 weeks, I hope this doesn't last the whole darn pregnancy!!!!


les706 - March 31

Gloria ~ glad to hear I'm not the only one, but sorry all the same because it sucks! I know what you mean, it's hard not to snap at people. Everything I've read said your body should adjust to the hormones by the second trimester. I am 9.5 weeks so I only have a couple more to go...My pregnancy has been a breeze so far aside from the emotional roller coaster. No morning sickness, no spotting, no obvious symptoms of any kind, except for peeing a lot. Hang in there!!


Samara - March 31

I've had a few hormonal moments that even at the time I knew I was being silly, but couldn't help it.


JulieK - April 1

I am so short tempered it isn't funny. Our whole family is under a lot of stress right now, trying to keep the house in showable condition (we are selling) without disrupting the kids schedules too much....add new baby am jumping on my husband for the slightest thing. Luckily he's very laid back and has been through this before so he knows not to take it personally.


GloriaD - April 14

Gosh I'm so glad I'm not the only "on the edge" preggo these days! I'm having some serious mood swings these days. One minute life is good, pregnany isn't all that bad, and an hour later my life is awful and I'm on the verge of tears for no real reason. I think the hostility wave is over, now I'm on to the poor me stage. Maybe its like the 5 steps to acceptance, so I should be almost done.....


les706 - April 14

Gloria, I am 12 weeks on Friday and I have noticed that I haven't been quite so moody anymore. I think my body is finally adjusting to the hormones. I am still a little short tempered, but I think I'll be fine in a couple of weeks. How far along are you?


MNMOM - April 15

I am 12 weeks 2 days and today is the FIRST good day I have had! I am tired now that it is late afternoon, but other than that it was a great day finally!



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