Any Positive Advice About Cramping And Spotting

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Abby - November 17

I am 7 weeks and I have had mild cramping and achiness for about a week and a half, yesterday I started getting brown spotting. I have been to the hospital for blood tests and ultra sounds, showing a sac and yolk sac but they were uncertain about whether or not they were seeing the fetal pole and heartbeat. I don't see my doctor again for another 5 days, and am very nervous about what is going on. Does anyone have any positive advice or any advice at all about what is happening.


Abby - November 18

You can call your doctor and tell him/her you are concerned because you are spotting and cramping, and he/she should take that seriously and might book you a sooner appointment. But... brown spotting is pretty common in the first trimester of pregnancy... my midwife told me to call her if the spotting became bright red or became more than spotting. I've been spotting a bit and cramping (5th week) but apparently that's okay. As for the ultrasound... you may wish to read some of the other threads on this site... from what I've read, alot of women have had ultrasounds early in their pregnancy (5-6 weeks) which did not show a fetal pole or heartbeat, only to see that heartbeat at an ultrasound at 8 weeks or later. My advice is to call your doctor and express your concerns; don't wait for an appointment. But none of your symptoms or ultrasounds make me think "OH, NO!!!!" I hope this helps.


Abby - November 18



Amy - November 20

My sister in law is 8 weeks pregnant and 2 weeks ago she started bleeding heavily, enough to soak a pad. She thought for sure she was miscarrying because she was also having some mild, but annoying cramping. Two days later via transv____al ultrasound a heartbeat was detected!! She is still spotting light pink and brown with the annoying cramps. But her doc. said that after a heartbeat is detected chances of not miscarrying are around 90%!! Keep your chin up!!


me - November 23

Im 8 wks pregnant. Havent been to see a midwife yet, im very nervous as this is my first. Ive noticed a couple of small spots of Bright red blood is this normal ive had a couple of twinges as well. Please could someone help me.


Rachelle - November 23

Hi, I would chose another doc that you could see sooner, and that takes your concern to heart, meanwhile i can tell you having had a similar situation im in my 10th week now, i was advised to rest a lot, stay in bed dont lift things, dont stress yourself or work hard, take it real easy, that might easy on the brownish spotting with can sometimes just be from the stretching of the uterus, please keep me posted, feel better!


Abby - November 23

Thanks everyone! I saw my doctor today and she has set up another appointment for an ultrasound next week to see if there's been any progress since the last one, she got the results from my blood work and my hcg was high, we took more today to have something to compare to. She also checked my cervix, which is still closed, I'm still spotting but the cramping has diminished a bit. I'm not so worried anymore, still taking it easy though. Thanks again to all who have responded, I really needed some rea__surance.



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