Any Preggos Live In The Bay Area

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evae777 - October 8

I'm looking for some pregnant mom friends, does anyone live in my area?


kitten117 - October 20

Hi there, I live in the Bay Area. I'm 7 weeks pregnant, my due date is 6/9. How about you?


evae777 - October 20

no way! where do yu live, i live in san francisco the outer richmond, presidio area.


kitten117 - October 22

I live in Oakland, work in San Francisco.


evae777 - October 23

hi kitten, i would be around 8-9 weeks, but the doc doesn't think i will be able to carry this one, my hcg levels arent doubling so i might be having a D& C here tomorrow if they don't see anything on the u/s. is this your first? i have one 9mth old son. well, i''m sorry i might not be able to be your new pregnant friend! but i live here in san francisco and am a stay home mom with one child so if you ever get lonely and need a mom friend, i will be up for meeting up. i wish you a wonderful pregnancy!


kitten117 - October 23

Hi Eva, be positive, my hcg level was not doubling on my last blood test. My doctor did an emergency u/s on me and everything was fine. Good luck tomorrow. Yes, this is my first. My husband and I got marry on 2005, didn’t have any luck trying for a year. I was in fertility treatments for two years. Finally, we got our miracle! I want to be a stay home mom too…but financially will be difficult, especially in the Bay Area. You must be very busy with a 9 months old son.


evae777 - October 23

it is very busy, i wish i had more stay home mom friends, i almost joined GGMG but a few of my friends said it wasn't worth it so i havent joined. well congrats on your first baby! it is such an exciting time, my dh is dying for #2. do you have family that can help you once the baby comes? we don't have any family here so it was tough when we had our lo. my dh had to go back to work after 3 weeks. well i hope you and your hubby have a good weekend and congrats again on your first!


Nemo - October 24

Hi Evae. I hope everything works out ok. I recognised you from earlier in the year, my DD is about the same age as your DS. Its been ages since Ive been on this site and was just surfing around (for old time's sake) and saw you. Going on to the baby care area in a bit to start a thread on Feb 08 babies if there so stay in touch if you can..


makuahine1 - November 1

Hello all....I am due 6/29 and am about 6 weeks pregnant with my first as well. I live in San Fran and would love to meet some other bay area expecting moms. This is my first so i'm needing all the support I can get! Hope to hear back soon!


kitten117 - November 3

Welcome makuahine1, when will be your first doctor appointment? Mine is not until 11/18...I'm getting impatient! How's your symptoms going? I'm feeling so sick recently.


makuahine1 - November 3

Hey there. :) I actually go in this Wednesday for a recheck. Had some bad cramping last week so they are just being cautious. My first real pre-natal appt is set for November 10th though. Like you, I am feeling pretty sick as well. Its that all day naseau...dont really have an appet_te for anything though. When I do eat...its all bad. lol I think that may be causing the cramping. :( I really just cant wait till wednesday. This is killing me too! So how are you handling the sickness at work?


kitten117 - November 3

Yeah…nausea….I feel like in a boat outside the ocean for 24 hours….poor appet_te, just nothing tastes good anymore. You know, I really don’t want to go to work every morning….but still have mortgage and bills to pay, so have to go. I just wait for the time to pa__s by everyday, so that I can go home and lay down in bed. I only take 15 minutes for lunch and take 45 minutes nap on my desk. How about you? Do you need to go to work? Hope everything fine on your doctor appointment on Wednesday.


makuahine1 - November 4

Thanks for the well wishes. :) I will let you know how it goes. As for work...I do need to go but I have been going in late most days. I feel super guilty but at the same time...I can barely get out of bed so I am doing the best I can. I just explained to my friend last night...I constantly feel like how you would feel when you get off a crazy twisting roller coster....stomach's turning, food doesn't sit well and you have no appet_te for anything else. And thats all day long! I just can't wait till the holidays get here and we have some days off. :) So did you grow up in Oakland? I grew up in El Sobrante near Richmond, CA. I get over to the east bay a lot since my dad and brother still live there. I hope you start feeling better soon!


sc_august - November 4

omg! i live in the bay area, particularly san leandro, near oakland area. im 6wks preggo as of today, have my first appt tomorrow w/ the nurse to "confirm" im having a baby. This will be baby #3 for dh and myself. I have a 2 1/2 y/o and a 1 1/2 y/o running around being themselves. so glad to know there are people around the area. congrats to you all in the forum & hoping to chat w/ some of you, if not all of you til pregnancy ends.


kitten117 - November 4

Actually, I grew up in Hong Kong. All of my family members are still there. I usually travel back home once every two years. I came to the U.S. when I was 18 years old for oversea studying. And then, I met my husband, got marry, and decided to stay here with him. We used to live in San Francisco. We moved to Oakland about 4 years ago because the house price was much cheaper than anywhere else. We do not really know the area before we move to Oakland. It was a bad decision. Hope you feel better soon too.


makuahine1 - November 6

Welcomr sc_august! How did your appointment go? Hopefully it went well. I had one yesterday too. So stressful waiting. Kitten117...You feeling any better? I've lost 5 pounds but my doctor said it just from the nausea and not to worry about it too much right now. Hope everyone's feeling good today. :)



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