Any Teachers Out There

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Cathy2 - March 5

I am a kindergarten teacher in Ontario. I have 2 classes of 24 kids each day. I love my job and teaching defines every part of my being. I am so passionate about every single one of my little munchkins. HOWEVER, I can hardly make it past noon these days. I am so damn tired I can hardly talk , let alone teach. I am on my feet every second, as is the nature of teaching such young children and I feel so guilty that they are not getting the best of me right now. My doctor has made me go half time for the next two weeks and I feel so terrible that I am letting everyone down. Can anyone relate?


SarahMarie99 - March 5

I can very much relate. I teach a cla__s with severe and profound mental disorder students. I just feel like mentally I am going to collapse at lunch time due to fatigue. The only thing keeping me going is that I have 2 adult a__sistants and one full time nurse in my room. The other upside is that my full time nurse is a retired high risk pregnacy nurse. So I feel like I am going to the doctor everytime I go into work and I get to ask her a million stupid new pregnacy questions.


first-timer - March 7

I am also a teacher in Ontario but I teach at a senior elementary school and for about three weeks straight I was not pleasant because I was so tired. I felt HORRIBLE about it but could not do anything about it. On the flip side I am starting to come out of the extreme fatigue and have more to give during the day and well the idea of the one week vacation coming is helping a lot. I have also told all of my co-workers which helped a lot. They sort of helped me and had a kind word to say when I needed it.


sdillon78 - March 8

I feel your pain...I am a second grade teacher...and they require so much attention. I taught kinder for 2 years and know that they are a little bit more needy!! :-) My kids definitely understand, I have told them all about it and some know because they just had parents that just had a baby so that helps!! However, it is very draining and I am dead tired by 3:00 and want a nap, on the weekends is when I catch up! I am so LAZY!!! My poor husband!! lol I am planning on staying home though this next year so I have a few more months to hack it out!! I am only 13 weeks now!


Cathy2 - March 8

Where do you teach? And aren't you just thrilled to be due in September? I am due Sept 22 (give or take a day) and this is all jsut such prefect timing : ) It will be so nice to pack up in June and say goodbye for the whole next school year : )


sdillon78 - March 9

I teach in Texas!! Not so thrilled about the September timing, mine is Septemeber 10, and I guess just because I know that most likely I will have to hold my child back because of his/her age, especially if it is a boy, that is the bad part about being a teacher you see so many kids that were born June-Sept. and they are usually alot slower because they are still to immature....but that is a long time from now!! Also the HEAT!!!! Is not my favorite!!!! My first one was due in Jan so it was really nice!! :-) But it will definitely be nice to pack up May 26---lol and have that time off when I am my biggest!! :-)


jgandy - March 9

I'm also a teacher in Texas. I'm a Reading Specialist. I work with K-2 and walk all over the school all day long to get my students. I'm supposed to observe my students very closely, but at times it becomes very difficult because I'm so tired. Teaching is very tiring, much less when you are pregnant. sdillon78, where in Tx do you live?


Cathy2 - March 10

sdillon78, The way you guys decide what age is appropriate for school must be different then here. Our laws in Canada do not run by the school year calendar, but by the actual year. So here,a Nov/Dec baby would be the youngest in his or her grade. If my husband and I hadn't become pregnant in December, we were actually going to hold off trying because as you were saying the really young ones, especially boys are ata bit of a disadvantage in the beginning. I have to say though, I have so many brilliant little 4 years old who start kindergarten and don't turn4 till Dec 30th and they do just fine. Besides having a Mom who is a teacher and knows all the right things to do to build early literacy and math skills already puts your child at such an advantage!


sdillon78 - March 10

Yea our laws are a little different then. And your right it is nice to be a teacher and know the things that my child needs to know that way I can work with them at home!! :-) My 2 year old already knows all her colors!! lol Jgandy I teach in Corpus Christi. How about yourself? I do know about how reading specialist are, but ours was just pregnant, and instead of her getting up and walking all around when she was 6-9 months she had them come to she didn't have to run all over the school picking up the kids....maybe they can do that for you? Our school is only K-2, but we are a very large school every grade has 12 teachers. So it was a lot of up and down for her every 45 min or so!! Which I am sure it is the same for you!!



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