Any Thoughts Or Advice About Crabbiness

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super crabby - November 21

hi ladies, i thought that i would ask how you personally deal with being so crabby and testy these days? i feel like i am the crabbiest meanest person in the world, i am constantly freaking out on my husband for no reason, and loosing my temper. i am getting really aggravated by this since this is suppose to be such a happy time, and i feel like i cant even enjoy it because i am such a crab ass. any suggestions on what any of you do to control this, or am i just out of luck with these changing emotions and everything? thanks so much for any thoughts on this. as if any of us need anymore things in our lives to make us feel like we are going crazy lol. talk to you all soon!


b - November 22



bump - November 23

anyone? i dont want to seem impatient, but i have had this posted for 3 days now, and no response. is this question off the wall? am i not using the site the correct way? any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. thanks again.


Ashley - November 23

Sorry there's nobody out there who answered you. Well i feel that you can be a little testy and crabby but nothing going to help you except your own free will. If you decide you don't want to be so crabby and enjoy this pregnancy then it is a concious decision that you have to make. Sometimes I just want to smack my hubby but I don't i just bite my tongue and overlook the things that annoy me. The man can't put a dish in the dishwasher to save his life and it drives me insane. But you just gotta try to be happy. Sorry, there's no cure for this one but your own mind. Good Luck. I think that's why nobody answered you, because its just all something we deal with, there's not really anything we could do for you. Good Luck.


Michelle - November 23

Sorry you feel so bad. First I would figure out what makes you so crabby? Other than hormones of course..LOL.. I mean is your hubby doing things to iritate you? Or do you just feel tired, sick or fat? I would look at that first. I myself havent been very crabby. Although I have felt like c___p with severe constipation.ect. I would feel great in the morning, but by 5pm I didnt even want to be spoken to by anyone. I just sat down with my hubby and told him to just let me be at night. I explained to him why and how I was feeling, and he was more than understanding. We had to change some things around like when to have s_x ect. But communication is the key. If it doesnt make you feel better physically it will mentally. And then maybe you wont feel so crabby..Good Luck


Kim - November 23

I know exactly how you are feeling. I am SO crabby and irritable all the time. And i feel like there is NOTHING I can do to control it no matter how hard I try. I know I am doing it and I am really trying to control it, but its really like I cant most of the time! I really dont know how to deal with it, but I just wanted to know that you are not the only one out there experiencing this!


me - November 23

My hormones keep me on a hair trigger too.


a - November 27

i know how you feel, my family is talking about me behind my back b/c they say i am mean....


nadine d - November 28

Poor super crabby....I know, I know. I felt like I had a hangover that I could not run away from for about 12 weeks. I would look at my husband and despise him for ...well pretty much everything!!! Even work mates said I was insufferable, I was also cursing up a storm with words I didn't even think I knew...giggle. You will get better, you just feel a bit out of control at the moment and that is bound to get anyone down....relax and explore weekend breaks for


Stacey - November 29

I have had a really big problem with crabbiness and always feeling annoyed during this pregnancy. My BF is always telling me how im mean and I ruin everyone's fun because I always have something to complain about. I have yet to find a solution. The only thing I can think of is to let go of everything that bothers you.


leah - November 29

i have also had huge problems with this, its difficult if not impossible to control and its such a mixture of all sorts of feelings and emotions, mainly its been my man whose recieved the brunt of it - but lately i have re-discovered real dark chocolate!some friends who now have happy toddlers recomended small amounts daily and i think it does actually help.



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