Any Tips On Controlling Weight Gains And The Right Exercise

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lashunda - June 6

i'm half polynesian and half african amercian so i come from bigged bone families. i'm 5'7 and right now i weigh 170. week 4 of my pregnancy and i'm scared that i'm going to gain alot of weight during this pregnancy. is there any tips on how i can control my weight and which exercises are good for me??? P.S. i get so jealous of those women who only gained weight in there stomachs, i don't know if it have to do with heredity or what but man, i would like to know how they do it!!


erica - June 6

Girl! I'm Mexican-America 5'4 and right now I weigh 181 I'm 11 weeks. I have gained 12 pounds. I was 168. The doctor told me as long as I don't go over the 1 pound a week. That how I feel as well 35-40 is okay for me and after I will diet.


jena - June 6

walking is the only thing that I really feel safe doing. you can do more, but it's up to what your activity level was like before you got pregnant. if you get on a schedule and walk a couple miles a day (or work up to it) or even 3-4 times a week, you'll be doing excellent. walking helps all throughout your pregnancy - also prenatal video workouts are great.


lashunda - June 7

sounds good, i usually do pilates before i was preg, but went walking and felt like my stomach was gonna fall out of me (only on week 4) so i could only do two laps but maybe i should just chill the first trimester then start exercising after.


Kathy - June 7

They have Preggo Yoga as well.. The first Trimester was hard for me to want to do anything because I was soo tired I am 12 weeks no and really starting to feel better and want to do more things.


erica - June 7

Everything will be okay Lashunda. Just stay away from fast food restaurants and sweets. Buy alot of vegetables, fruit, protein and cereals. There's times that even if you diet. You just can't help retaining that water.


lashunda - June 7

thanks, for the tips!! hopefully it won't be too bad to avoid junk foods : )


Jen - June 7

I hear ya - my family is big-boned as well! Check out the "Best Odds Diet" in the book, What to Expect when you're Expecting. It gives you some really good options. Keep fruits, nuts, and other healthy snacks around at all time. I personally like hard-boiled eggs and edamame. Remember what goes in your mouth, goes into the baby. Eating right helps you control your weight and it's good for the baby! I also found that swimming, water aerobics and the stationary bike are good exercise in addition to walking and yoga/pilates. Yoga for pregnancy is ESSENTIAL is stretching, breathing and just plain maintaining piece of mind! Buy a video and do it at home. Also, check out this website: Good luck!



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