Any Way To Get The Sex Drive Up

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Kim - April 4

I've been reading alot about how the s_x drive is close to nothing during pregnancy ... but aside from just waiting for it to come back, is there anything that any of you women have tried that helps get you in the mood at all?


Kim E - April 4

This hasn't really been a problem for me at this point so I can't help you out too much. I will say that I have been scared to do much until I am out of the first trimester, even though I know that that's probably crazy. Only 2 more weeks to go! Looks like we have the same name so I'll starting adding an initial to my posts. When are you due?


Heather - April 4

Hi Kim! If you find the answer, LET ME KNOW! haha...This is my second pregnancy, and with the first one, I had plenty of s_x drive. With this one, it's almost like I don't have any sensitivity at all, I don't enjoy s_x anymore! I hope this doesn't last long...


Robyn - April 4

Thats what Im is apreciated! This is only my first pregnancy and before I was pregnant we had a very healthy s_xual appet_te, almost too, but now its like non existant and my bf is getting frustrated a little.


to Kim - April 5

Once the 1st trim. was over my drive started coming back, and then that is all I thought about- Riding his rod. It is good too, the extra blood to the v____a and b___st just make me tingle.


lilmum - April 5

i would LOVE to know the answer to this question. I think we've only done it once since we found out, and it's been 2 and a half weeks!! This is my second pregnancy, and with my first i was all about the s_x. I was the one renting the video's! Now, i just can't get in the mood at all. I think more about sleep than s_x. I feel much more content cuddling, but my poor hubby needs to get laid already!! (he is so patient and understanding though)


sml - April 5

Yes... an answer to this would be great. Like most of you it was quite healthly prior... we have done it ONCE since we found out three weeks ago. I have very little s_x drive and it is driving my bf mad...I don't even sleep in the same room how bad is that? and lilmum all I can say is that you are too funny!


Kim - April 6

Well I'm 12 weeks right now ... but I think since I was 7 weeks my drive went from at least once a day to ... once every 2 weeks :( My husband is very understanding though, which is a relief, but I still miss the intimacy. I guess it's just a waiting game to see when/if it comes back!!



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