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cangirl - May 12



YorkieLover - May 12

Even though I had a m/c in March, my baby was going to be half white-half indian. From India, not Native American. =)


JAI - May 13

My husband is black and I am white...we have 6 month old son, and he is gorgeous, his skin tone is so beautiful. I will warn you that they usually come out more on the whiter side and slowly change tones as they grow.


cangirl - May 13

YorkieLover are you have indian or is your partner in life . thanks for the info JAI i bet your little boy is a cutie i have seen alot of children where thier parents are white and black and thier children are so cute


cangirl - May 13

* - the have


YorkieLover - May 13

I'm white and he's Indian.


shesdymed - May 14

well its not much of a difference to yall because me and my man are both hispanic yet i am puerto rican and he is dominican. his grandmother can't stand me for anything. i was in his aunts house the other day and his grandma lives down stairs.. u had to hear everythin she sed about me!!! i didnt want to disrespect her because that was his grandmother yet he backed me up and so did his aunt but a questin for all of you, what would ya all do . it seems like she hates me and sh doesnt even know me. she got all worked uup because i was in his mothers house the day he got kicked out and she claimed he hit her (which he didnt i was there, and i would never let him hit a woman especially in front of me). so shes completely against me now and seems like her and the mother hate me soo much. his aunt is the only one that takes my side and looks out for me. My parents dont like him neither (at least they didnt at one point. yet they had no choice but to get over it, we've been together for soo long and i've kknown him for 6 years. theres no way we r leaving eachother. and now that im pregg again theres no breakin us apart. i was pregnant wit his child once and i got it aborted and i wish i woulda thought it over instead of doin it for my parents and not for me :\


cangirl - May 14

wow shesdymed thats definitely a hard situation to be in you are caught in between a rock and hard place , the only thing i can say is try to communicate with them and try to get them to come to some understanding for your childs sake


diandra - May 14

i am half mexican and half hawaiian, and my husband is african american... we have three boys and are pregnant with our last child now


cangirl - May 15

wow diandra you will have a house full . so do you want a girl this time or doesn't matter


Kynna - May 18

I am caucasian from husband is Latin from Argentina...this will be our first child...i'm 5 weeks into this...


nursej - May 29

well i am not in a biracial relationship now. my husband is african-american and so am i, but i was once preg by a guy whu was black and white. i aborted the baby b/c he and i were not going to make it, plus i was only 16 y.o.


Natashasmomma - May 30

I am Italian, and My husband is African American. We have 1 daughter and one on the way!


jrcreations - June 1

JAI- I think children with those features are soo beautiful :) I love the light color. Shesdymed- There is an easy salution to that, if family don't want to be a family, exclude them from yours. It seemed to work with my parents and grandparents. Once grandchildren are involved they will come clean, if they don't forbid visitation with them and the children, they'll learn sometime. If they don't accept ALL family, why make it unfair?


khanna - June 3

Hi Cangirl! My husband is Egyptian and I'm Canadian. Can wait to see the little one in december.


kayalex24 - June 4

I'm pregnant with my first and my boyfriend is Colombian and I'm asian. I'm excited to see how the baby looks.


shannon5980 - June 4

Hello, I am in a bi-racial relationship. My dh is black and i am white. we already have a little boy together and now we just found out we are pg again. I am hoping for a little girl but will be happy with either. I think bi racial children are so beautiful. good luck to all of you.



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