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shannon5980 - June 4

h__lo i just found out i was pg. my estimated due date is feb 14th. anybody want to chat?


KimS - June 5

Hey Shannon5980 I was in the last thread with you and I just got my BFP!!! my due date so far is Feb 13!!! Is this your first.. it's our first, my dh still doesn't believe it, he's afraid to believe it and it not be true!


bj - June 14

I'm due Feb. 15. Just found out this past Monday. We've been trying for 3 1/2 years, so we're pretty excited!


gigi23 - June 14

wow that is great.. me too... i am 5 weeks tdoay.. are you gusy feeling anything!


shannon5980 - June 15

Hello ladies, this is #4 for me. I have 3 healthy children at home. My oldest is a girl and my 2 youngest are boys. I am hoping for another girl but either way as long as the baby is healthy i am happy. I have my first appointment tomorrow 6/16. I dont have any symptoms really. my bb's are a little tender but other then that i dont even feel pg. How about you ladies how is everybody feeling?


KimS - June 15

Well this is our 1st.. we are excited, we've been trying for 3 months so have been pretty lucky.. I told my dh that February is a good month for us... our Wedding anniversary is Feb 18 and my birthday is Feb 10.. I am due Feb 13!!! I've been feeling pretty good, exhausted and mild cramping.. oh and it feels like I've been doing a tonne of sit ups!! I am 5 wks 2


Dolfinchik - June 15

I am also due Feb 14th!!! YAY! we must have concieved the same day! :)


looby - June 15

Hi all, I'm due on feb 14th too. Got my first Dr's appointment on Mon. This will be my second child, my little girl is 4. I've got sore bbs, extreme tiredness and totally irrational emotions! Burst into tears twice yesterday, my daughter came over and gave me a big kiss and drew me a picture to cheer me up, bless her, she thinks I'm feeling poorly. Can't wait to tell her she's gonna be a big sis. How did you all work out your due dates? I did a due date calcualtor on "Babycentre," I have a 26 day cycle and it came up with the 14th. I think your cycle length can affect your due date, so we may not have all necessarily conceived on the same day. look forward to chatting to you all. Exciting stuff!


RMC - July 3

Hey all! I'm due Feb. 19th. It feels so far away. Although this is my fourth, my youngest is now 6, and I feel so anxious and excited like I've never done this before ... (:



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