Anybody Else Having A Hard Time Sleeping

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lucky1 - January 4

Hi, I am having a hard time getting to sleep lately. I should be between 4-5 weeks and I swear, all I do is toss and turn at night. Any body know what is going on. I thought I was supposed to sleep more not less!!!! Oh and I've been sneezing alot..... Whats that all about? This is my first pregnancy,,, please give me some advice.


been there - January 4

I've been there. It is an exciting time, and I think I couldn't sleep just because I was excited and thinking about the baby non stop. Names etc, and imagining telling my family. I don't know about the sneezing part, but in the first weeks of my pregnancy I had a real bad bout with the flu. My only advice, is to just try and relax. I know it isn't easy, especially when you are embarking on a new journey in your life. Good Luck to you and God Bless you and your child.


me too - January 4

I am having the same issue. i am 8 weeks and like 3 days and i wake up like every couple hours and start thinking about things and then i am up for like a half hour. It sucks i wish i knew how to help. My dr told me i could take half a unisom pill for m/s which is a sleeping pill so i might try that soon.


Maggie - January 4

I am Six weeks along and am experiencing the samething. I toss and turn all night and yes I have a box of tissues with me at all time. I think pregnancy is bringing out my allergies???


Lucky1 - January 4

Thanks, It's nice to know that I'm not alone.


Lori - January 5

This pregnancy is definately making my allergies worse and I cannot sleep but it more so because I cannot find a comfortable position. I am 11 weeks and I haven't gain but 2-4 lbs. but it bothers me to lay no matter what position I try.


Lucky1 - January 5

Lori, Me too!!! I get in a position that I think is comfortable but in 2 minutes it becomes uncomfortable so I end up tossing and turning. Last night was a good night for me, I only woke up twice, here's what I did: I layed on my side and I put one pillow between my legs and one pillow behind my back ( of course you still have the pillow that you rest your head on) for some reason I was able to fall asleep that way. I am only about 5 wks so I'm not big at all, I actually lost weight......


Ann - January 5

I have trouble sleeping too (14 weeks)! My doctor recommended 1-2 unisom sleep tabs a night to help with the sleeplessness and the morning sickness and it really helps!!!! I only take 1/2 of a tab almost every night before bed. It's completley safe as the doctor rea__sured me it is only an antihistamine-should help with allergies too!


Sarah - January 5

I have really bad allergies and im 5 weeks and ive notice i have been sneezing more then usual and now my sinus are infected i didnt think it had anything to do with me being pregnant but since some of you have the same maybe it does by the way ive had trouble sleeping too! but i put it down to the allergies



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