Anybody Had Spotting After Sex

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kay101 - September 24

I'm four weeks today, last night was the first time dh and I had s_x since we found out. When I went to the bathroom to clean up, there was brownish blood mixed in with the fluid. I went to the hospital, had a pelvic exam and bloodwork done. They said everything came back fine, and my hcg levels were 288 (3 weeks and 6 days then). It had turned to just a tanish tinge to my cm, then by the time I left the hospital everything was normal colored already. I'm sure my cervix just got irritated, but has anyone else had this happen? Similar experiences can always be reassuring :)


ChattyKathy - September 24

Its pretty common. Since the blood is brown, its probably older blood that happened during your pelvic that is just now being released. Don't be surprised if you spot more due to the s_x later on. Your cervix has more exposed blood vessels now, so you are more prone to spotting after such activities.


wv_red - September 24

I was wondering that!!! Good question! Yeah my poor hubby has been cut off since we found out because of everything going on down there and I am sure I would do the same thing you did Kay, run to the hospital. I dont know if it is just me being scared or if I have a low s_x drive right now. Trust me before I was a regular get it when I can nympho. lol. the whole bleeding after s_x, thats def scary but normal. , at least thats what the doc said. Anyone else making the men suffer?


reneenay - September 24

Hi ladies, I just came from the bathroom right now and noticed a little brown-tinged mucous and freaked out a little. I am 6 weeks and 2 DH and I had s_x for the first time since we found out last that really what did it, or could it be something else? I haven't had any brown mucous since implantation. Now it really has me weary to have s_x! Should I be worried or is it ok?


ChattyKathy - September 24

Spotting after s_x is normal. Spotting after an exam is normal, and sometimes just spotting for no reason is normal, too. If you are worried, you could hold off a bit on s_x, but its all normal.


kay101 - September 24

I was told not to worry unless I get a fever, start soaking through a pad, or start seeing tissue. I'm pretty sure brown is ok, because new or recent blood would be red.


RMC - September 25

Well, I actually started spotting red after s_x last week & have been spotting ever since. I had bloodwork done & that came back all normal, but I'm still going in for an u/s tomorrow. Dh has been cut off per the doctor until everything comes back , so I feel a bit bad about that (: but I was concerned because mine is red, not brown.


kay101 - September 25

My discharge papers say come back if you're experiencing heavy bleeding (soaking three pads an hour for three hours), v____al bleeding or pain lasts more than three days, fever over 99.5, worse pain, weakness, dizziness, or fainting, pa__sage of anything that resembles tissue: pink or grayish membrane or solid material (save and bring to the doctor). Also to rest in bed until the pain and bleeding stop. If it's just spotting for now, I think you sound ok. Is it enough for a pad, or just more like on the tissue when you use the bathroom? A friend of mine had spotting all through her first trimester. I would just try to take it easy and make sure to keep in mind all your tests came back normal. I've really relaxed about what happened last night, I'm just a bit nervous to have s_x again.



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