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voilet06 - June 6

sorry me again..... where do you guys get the Sea bands??? is it something you have to order over the net? thanks!


Cookie - June 6

Hi Violet, this is my first baby too, but my mil took me shopping last weekend and got me a bunch of stuff (and for mother's day my mom got me shirts etc)...this past weekend I found some great deals at Mothercare...good sales, great stuff for work, and play...but my favorite are a pair of gap long and lean maternity pants which are a size 8 (I was a 6-8) before my pregnancy (and my fat clothes are 10-12) the gap jeans fit snug on my legs and b___t (which haven't grown, yet...thankfully) and just has a slight belly band for my with a longer shirt on I don't look pregnant instead of wearing droopy b___t far as sea bands I think they sell them at walgreens and CVS...those kinds of places...hope that helps..


voilet06 - June 6

I'm from Canada so they might be at Walmart - i will check it out although i am hoping its going away because i'm in my 11th week now but who knows! that is so nice your mil bought you clothes - i need to get on my mil too! lol anyways good talking to you - hopefully we can keep it up! have a great afternoon and night!


amber508 - June 6

I got my sea-bands at walmart... they come in a pair... for about 9$. You wear them both, make sure you follow the directions and they are in the right place on your wrist or they wont work. As for M. Clothes.... I am in them now too.... felt silly having to be in them so soon, but, since this is my 2nd child, my Dr says its normal that everything happens faster... baby movement, showing, etc....


lon - June 6

Hi Ladies, I am due my first baby on the 16th December and I would love to join your thread. I am just over 12 weeks and am not yet in maternity clothes but have bought some trousers one size up from my usual. I definetely feel bloated and bigger by the end of the day. My b___sts have jumped a cup size and although I don't have a pooch as yet I am bigger around the abdomen. My next appt at the ob is the 16th June for a scan. Have a good day.


frankschick2001 - June 7

Hi all. JENNIFER: Cletus The Fetus, so funny! YEs I am hoping that by the second trimester I am feeling better. I have no energy either, jut want to lay down all the time, but that doesn't necessarily make me feel better either. I am not showing at all yet. I look everyday! But I don't really have a flat stomach so maybe if I did, I'd be able to see a pooch or something. It feels a little more firm when I poke it, but you cannot tell I am pregnant yet. Can anyone tell me when you start to feel the baby in there??


voilet06 - June 7

Hi Frankschick2001 - i have heard that you can start to feel the baby move around 16- 20 weeks - depending on if its your first i've also heard that it might take longer if its your first because you don't really notice it or realize that its the baby! I really hope you feel better! Hi Lon, welcome! I have gone up a cup size too! i hope i don;t grow anymore =) but its all good! hubby is making fun of my new bras now! have a great night everyone!


Steff - June 7

ha ha ha violet. I'm the same. I had to go out and buy big bras. They are not the most attractive things. I am ususally a C and I had to buy DD. Crazy!!!


voilet06 - June 8

Hey Ladies, trying to keep our thread up! hoping that this week is official the last week of morning sickness! week 12 here i come! anyone feeling movements yet??


Jennifer123 - June 8

Hi Guys I had my 2nd appointment today and we got to hear the heartbeat. Very cool. It sounded like a horse running real fast. I was surprised to find out that I lost 5 pounds. Not what I would have expected since all of my pants are too tight now. I'm sure I'll be making up for it soon though. I too have had to buy some new bras. My big disappointment was my new bathing suit arrived just before I found out I was pregnant. I had already worn it once so it could't go back. Now the b___bies don't want to fit inside very well!


Cookie - June 8

hey girls, hope your all doing finally feels like the fog from my first trimester is lifting...for some reason my mind seems to be clearer, and I'm not so tired (and I finally slept through the night ..yippee)...I had to wear my fat suit (larger business suit) to court today (i'm a lawyer)..and I felt so disgusting..I think I'm going to by a new maternity suit, I saw another pregnant lawyer and she looked great, her maternity suit fit snug in all the right places unlike me who looked plain fat...(sorry griping) are the rest of you doing?


Ari - June 8

Hi LilMama, I am also due on Christmas Day! I just came upon this site and I think it's great to have a forum, where we can meet other women at the same stage of pregnancy. I am feeling great, this is already a good baby, not giving me any trouble, because I never had any morning sickness or nausea and I don't seem to be any more tired than usual. (Probably due to exercising almost every day, because I notice that on the days I miss it, I do go to bed a bit earlier.) Anyway, I'm very excited to be exactly 11 weeks along today. I had an ultrasound a couple of weeks ago, baby's heartbeat was nice and strong. It was wonderful to see this little being in there and hear its heartbeat. I noticed that my sense of smell is much better than usual. I notice all kinds of smells that noone else notices. I asked my husband the other day, "Am I becoming a dog?" :) But thankfully, I can still enjoy all the spicy, garlicky food I've always enjoyed. I hope this pregnancy continues to be this laid back and problem-free.


frankschick2001 - June 9

Good morning folks. Still sick, but next week starts week 12, so hopefully I will be able to report an improvement. I am so sick of being able to smell everything. I thought a heightened sense of smell would be cool, but I was so wrong. I hate it. Nothing smells good most of the time. Its not like any of the things I am smelling


voilet06 - June 9

Hi Ari, I'm sure if you haven;t had any problems as of yet you should be smooth sailing! i'm jealous! still very nausous and not much of an apet_te! but oh well, i have lost 3 pounds which i'm not worried about yet! although as someone said before I feel like i have gained! all you are lucky to have had u/s and heard the heart beat! i still have yet to do that but as you have all reacted its pretty amazing so i can;t wait! i'll check back later - hope all is doing well!


voilet06 - June 9

franks - i agree with the smell thing! maybe when we get over the nausea we will like all the smells!


frankschick2001 - June 9

Sorry about my last post being cut off! Anyway, enough about smells! I thought I felt a flutter last night when I was in bed, but I read that it was probably just gas!



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