Anybody Know How To Read Blood Value S

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crystal74 - July 8

i am going on my 5th week of pregnancy and started spotting brown yesterday. i called the nurse and she had me come in to take a blood test to read my blood value. i called back today but the nurse there today does not know how to read value's, isn't that stupid? anyway's she said mine was at 17,120. is this good? i have to go again tomorrow to take another test to see if it has doubled or tripled and to test my blood type since nobody know's. and if i'm RH- then i have to get shots. i don't think i am. but since the nurse was no help to me today i was wondering if you girls could help me with my blood value,,,,,, so is 17, 120 good? thanks for your help


Lala - July 8

Yes, I'd say it's very good. However, the exact number isn't what really matters. What matters is that it double about every 2 days. take care!


crystal74 - July 8

thanks you, that's great to hear. i think it's so silly how they have a nurse there to answer your questions and medical concerns yet she had no clue to the blood values. oh well, at least i have u guys


Lala - July 8

I agree! Was she really a nurse or one of those office "nurses" who call themselves a nurse? Most doctors seem to have only one real nurse.


crystal74 - July 8

your probably right, i bet she was a receptionist. LOL.


andy - July 8

hi cristal ... I know I´m totally in the wrong forum ... Hopefully not for long ... But I looked for my old pg numbers and my clinic gave me a reference that might help you .... 3rd to 4th week ----- 1110 to 31500 .... 4th to 5thweek --- 2560 to 82300 ..... 5th to 6th week ---- 23100 to 151000 .... 6th to 7th week ---- 23700 to 233000 .... 7th to 11th week ----20900 to 291000 .... 11th to 16th week ---- 6140 to 103000 ..... 16 to 21th week ---- 4720 to 80100 ... 21 to 39 week ---- 2700 to 78100 ... ok thats it .... so I think your numbers are ok but pleeeease rest a lot and take care of your belly , please if you can call your Dr directly and asak about the spotting , sorry I don´t want to scare you but that happened to me and it ended in m/c , my Dr told me to have some progesterone pills but for me it was too late , sorry to say this , but Its reaaly best to prevent ... we miss you on the other forum ...


crystal74 - July 8

thank you andy and don't worry, i already called my dr. yesterday about the spotting. that's why she had me come in to do a blood test. it is so very light and happens only when i wipe and it's tiny little brown spot. she told me that it's probably because we had intercourse a couple nights ago. so we have to sustaine form having s_x for 7-10 days. she told me this spotting is very normal and if it turns red and fills a pad within less than three hours then to come in to the emergency room. i took yesterday off work and laid down with my feet up all day. i am also just lounging around today eating everything in sight. oops!!LOL.


Lala - July 8

Yes, best to keep the worring down as much as possible. I am now 11 weeks, and at about 5-6 weeks, I had the same spotting. I've heard many on here say the same. Just look for a doubling on your number. best to you!


crystal74 - July 9

i will find out tomorrow if my numbers are doubling, and my blood type. will let you all know.


Katherine79 - July 10

Hey Crystal, I think I talked to you in the other forum. I am in my 14th week now and I took progestrone (Prometruim) with this pregnancy and everything seems to be going good. I just wanted you to ask your doc to check your progestrone levels if they haven't already. You can have great hcg levels but if your progestrone is low you could still lose your baby I think that is why I lost my first pregnancy. Don't worry though it's probably not low. I just want you to have all the info you can possibly get right now. Best of luck to you.


Lala - July 11

Crystal, any news?


crystal74 - July 14

you know i asked my dr. to check my progesterone and she said they won't until you have multiple m/c. how stupid is that. but my numbers did more than double. the spotting stopped on sunday but then yesterday i wiped once and it was back. no more after that, so i don't know. i think it was from the ultra sound on monday, he was in there poking around with that probe thing. we got to see the baby, very little as i'm only 5 weeks since conception. we got to see the little heart beating away. the dr. said i have a cyst on my ovary and that protects it somehow. i didn't understand. but he just took pictures to send to my dr. he said everything looks fine. then i had to get a big shot in the but cuz i'm RH - . it's suppose to help with my 2nd pregnanccy.


Lala - July 14

Yeah, everything sounds good!! : )



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