Anyone 10 Weeks

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LG - May 19

Just curious to see how everyone is feeling at 10 weeks. My nausea has seemed to fade away a bit, I still get it now and again. Im very hungry all day long and not really showing that much. Just looking to see how others are doing at this stage. Thanks-


Heidi - May 21

Hello, I am ten weeks and one day and feeling fine. Not had any symptoms really, but then I didn't with Ella either (17 months old). I consider myself very lucky! Hope you're ok. Whens your due date? I'm Dec 18th (Ella's 16thDec 2nd b'day!) unless it changes at my scan (7th June).


Erin - May 21

Hi there! I am in the middle of my tenth week and I, too, have noticed the nausea has gotten a little better. I am also always hungry and find myself constantly planning my next meal. I am not showing yet, but I have gained about 3-4 pounds so far, so I am a little fatter in general. I have lots of cravings for Subway sandwiches and anything from Taco Bell, but since I live in Gemany I am having a hard time with cravings that I am not able to satisfy. Have you been having a lot of cravings? I haven't had sore b___sts at all but I do notice them filling out a bit more. What symptoms are others having? My due date, by the way, is Dec. 23rd. Good luck to everyone!


TCM - May 21

Hi - I am also 10 weeks and one day ... nausea has got better but I think that is because I am learning to eat a little bit all the time. My b___sts are very sore (and growing at different rates !?). Strongest symptom is how incredibly tired I am. I have been craving soup - not any particular kind, just soup - kinda odd. Like hearing about others in the same boat!! Good luck.


shira - May 22

Hi. I am 10 weeks as well. Nausea has also gotten much better. Although i do have dierrea all the time. I have actually lost a lot of weight. I am still not showing although my b___bs have defenietely gotton much larger. I haven't been sleeping well at night either, because i love sleeping on my stomach and then i get nervous that i am squeezing the baby or something.


Heidi - May 22

Hi guys!, Wow, five of us all at the same date roughly, what is everyones due date? Looking forward to the dating scan, has everyone else got there appointments through, mines June 7th. Due 18th Dec


Naj - May 22

Hi, I am 10 weeks, i had been having worse time because i got chronic nausea, but right now i am feeling a little better, i also lost a little weight, but not craving for food exactly, especially all kind of meats..i hope it goes away after first trimister...otherwise what i am gonna eat..anyways good Luck to you all


mary - May 22

Hi! I have my scan on the 6th June. Still feeling nauseous, although it is getting better. Don't feel like going out socialising much, not even to cinema. My normal eating routine has went out the window, and I feel I need to eat every 2 hours to prevent getting really sick. Feeling a bit down, as don't feel like doing much housework, although Hubby is sympathetic and done the laundry today, and helped me change the sheets of bed. I still go to work, but I find when I am busy, I don't notice the sick feeling much. Hope it goes away soon, it has been constant. I count my blessing as I have not been as sick as some of my close friends who have had really bad vomiting. Good Luck everyone! I'm due on the 21st of December.


Christina - June 27

Im ten weeks, havent had any morning sickness at all, thank god. But I have noticed that no food sounds good to me, ever, its like a burden to eat. And the clothes are getting a little tight.


Anna - June 29

I'm ten weeks...and im another one of those lucky women that dont suffer from any morning sickness, though I'm always extremely tired and feeling a little depressed....this is my first pegnancy and I just don't know what to expect.


Brooke - June 30

I am 10 weeks along. I am feeling pretty good. I never got sick, but I still feel very tired and my b___bs are huge. My stomach is definitely getting bigger and I am breaking out on my face.



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