Anyone 13 5 Weeks And Bleeding

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teresa - February 28

im 13.5 weeks and started slightly bleeding this morning. it was like a period at first then within an hour is eased off to only when i wipe.. this happened to anyone else.. or know why this would be happening.. i had a miscarriage last Oct, and just scared now.. Any info would be great


danielle - March 9

I'm 13 weeks too. Started bleeding pretty badly (2 pads in a few hours) and I went to the doctor. I heard a heartbeat and my cervix was closed. Dr gave a pretty vague explanation, which sounded like he didn't really know why, but said that likelihood of miscarriage low at this point since there was a hearbeat. I am just going to relax. I have had a miscarriage before and a successful pregnancy where I bled from wk 5 to wk 10. I think I am just a bleeder. Good luck.


simone - March 18

I don't have an answer but i'm the same as you 13weeks bleeding (for 5 days straight now, red blood)and not getting answers i need, but I did get told that i is caused from the plecenta separating from the uterus, and should heal with rest,(my scan was all good)but still bleeding I was just told to wait and see what happens it's hard to do but thats all I can do. hope you get your answers I'm still waiting for mine


bob - April 14

my wife has been bleeding at this stage too. all scans normal except today shows blood anterior to the sac. She's been told just to rest. There is often no obvious cause for bleeding at this stage and is often put down as "one of those things", there is often no apparent answer (I'm a doctor myself and see alot of this!). Sometimes it may be related to the placenta taking over the pregnancy from the yolk sac and your ovaries (according to a gynaecologist I know); there is rarely any treatment possible. as for us, we're just keeping our fingers crossed.





Elizabeth - May 11

Yesterday I was 13 weeks and 6 days and I had an hour where I was bleeding red blood. I have had spotting in the past, but it was always dark brown (which the doc says is totally fine). I freaked out when I saw how red the blood was! I had the same experience that my doc. didn't know what really was going on. He said it was GOK (God Only Knows). The cervix was closed and the bleeding had stopped by the time I showed up to the office. He said that this is not extremely common, but it does happen often enough that he can say for MOST people (around 90 percent) it is fine and doesn't mean anything. He also said that there really is nothing they can do to prevent a miscarrage so try not to stress because it really doesn't help. (that is easier said than done!). I am not scheduled to see him again for another 6 weeks (due to other complications, this will be the longest I have gone with out a doc appointment!). So I rented a doppler and I think that will help me feel more confident. It is easy to spiral out of control with negative thinking---so I am doing all I can to avoid that! Please let me know how it turned out for everyone! I hope that the bleeding stoped and that all is well!


simone - May 12

hi I was also 13 weeks pregnant when I started bleeding lightly at first the about after a week of bleeding it was heavy red blood, luckly my scan was during the bleeding but nothing showed up except I may have a low lying placenta wich will be watched over the next few months, anyway the bleeding stoped after like 9days off and on and now I'm 21 weeks pregnant and have had no problems since and my baby is healthy(another girl) so I was just told it is just one of those things that cannot be explained it just happens so try no to panic like I did it may just be nothing. good luck and have a great pregnancy


amy - September 26

I cant give a straight answer im at 21 weeks almost 22 weeks I have been spotting on and off. I recently had a ultrasound the doctors said everythin was fine. He did say that some womesn spot for no reason, and only really worry if it is life having your period. Hope this helps



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