Anyone About 5 Weeks

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LA - June 23

I was wondering if any one was around five weeks preggo? When did you get your BFP?


bj - June 23

Hi, LA. I'm at 6 weeks. Got my BFP on June 12.


ROCK - June 23

Hi. I got my bfp on June 11.


Dee - June 23

Hi I got my BFP at 12dpo and I am currently 5 weeks 6 days


DownbutnotOUT - June 24

I am 5 weeks and 2 days had faint but there positive on June 20, about 20/21 pdo.


Pamela11 - June 24

I am just about 5 weeks. Got my BFP June 19th. I am very scraed because I had a m/c in March so every little ache and pain I have I think that there is something wrong. Being that we are all preety much close in pg here what symptoms are you having? My b___bs hurt (of course) but sometimes my back aches and I get shooting pains in my lower abdomen that shoot down towards my crotch. Sorry if TMI but I am just wondering if anyone else has these symptoms as well?


LA - June 24

Hi everyone thanks for responding. Congrats on your pregnancys!!! Pamela11 sorry to hear about your m/c. I had one at 14 weeks in Sept. 04. I had a missed m/c. But the good news is I got pregnant in Nov. 04 and had a healthy baby girl in July 05. Im on seasonal birth control now but i started have pregnancy symptoms, took a test and it was positive! Went to the doctor a few weeks ago she done a urine said negative told me i wasnt preg. I believed her but my nausa(sp) kept getting worse took more home tests they some positive some negative. Now im starting to spot a little bit. I have a dr. appointment monday hopefully she can tell me whats going on.


Rhonda - June 25

Hi,i dont know how far along i am but my last af was 5-24-06,and i ovulated on 6-08-06,af was due 6-24-06.I tested at 9dpo and got a bfn,retested 11dpo and got a bfp which was on 6-19.


JB0405 - June 26

HI LA... At the end of this week, I will be 5 weeks preggo!! I got my BFP on 6/22!! 1st pregnancy, very excited, nervous, etc.


debbie80 - June 27

Hey JB~ You and I tested on the same day and got a BFP! This is also my first pregnancy..Im so excited but yet scared because one year ago this month I had a m/ Im hoping that this one is a healthy one...I do not go to the doctors until July 6th...the wait is killing me!!


BobbieMarie - June 27

Rhonda, Hey! just to let you know that you are going to be 5 weeks on wednesday, congrats!! My last a/f was also on 5/24/2006 and i'll be 5 weeks on the 28th. I hope everything goes well for you.


Rhonda - June 27

BobbieMarie,thank you so much,wow five weeks on wednesday.Do you have an appointment yet?I dont.


JenniferRose - June 27

what is bfp?


sonia10 - June 27

Hi, I am 5 weeks and 4 days along. I got my bpf on father's day. I have no symptoms other than oca__sional pinching in the abdomen and lower back pain. Today I had some spotting and my doc said it was probably Ok. Of course that was on the phone. Can't wait for my first appointment on 7/7.


Rhonda - June 27

BFP(big fat positive)


BobbieMarie - June 28

Rhonda, hey! Yeah i have an app. on july 5th and i think that it would be wise to make one you're self just so the dacs have all of you're info and so they can do all the blood work. I know the routine. I have had 3 m/c's and everytime i've been preggo i've gone to the doctors a.s.a.p and they have always done alott of blood work even with my first child who is now 4 ears old. Well good luck and make that app.! Keep us posted.


crystal74 - June 28

i got my very first bfp on june 24th. we did an IUI with dh sperm on the 10th. my first appt is july 20th. so i'm only in my third week.



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