Anyone Drink And Not Know They Were PG

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*** - April 8

Did anyone drink and get drunk, and not realize they were pg?


lilmum - April 8

yes, i did with my first pregnancy. It was only three days before i found out. The doc said anything you do before you find out your pregnant is fine (to a point, If you put off confirming your pregnancy to drink that can harm your baby)


jacqui - April 8

in my first pregnancy I didn't find out i pregn. till I was 7 weeks as I still menstrated..... I had been to a Jack and Jill and steget and a wedding...I didn't get drunk but yes i had a few drinks at all of the occasions, My Dr. said things should be fine and not to worry...I had a healthy baby boy 8lbs, 5 years ago. Smart as a wip!!! I just found I am pregn. again and I am 8 weeks same thing happened I still had my period. I have an Ultasound tomorrow to confirm dated then cause of my age amniocentesis I am 35 soon to be 36 but who's counting!


Nadine - April 8

This may be helpful to ease your mind. I was concerned about the drinks I had before I found out and my doctor said the baby would have aborted itself if I drank an unsafe level that early...this is not to say you can still drink, by any means! They just don't know how much is safe, so they say don't drink at all. You can't do anything now but I am sure you are fine! Make sure you eat well.


arn - April 8

can you believe this girl i know told me its ok to drink when your pregnant! she pregnat and told me how she drink like bud lite. im thinking thats an idiot right there. eveyone knows its not safe to drink or smoke while pregnant. but like with your question, if you did it before you realized then your ok but if your still doing it.....


*** - April 8

this is the first time i have drank after my hubby and i had s_x...i am not going to any more tho bc i think i could be and i don't wanna hurt the baby if i am! thanks for ur posts ladies!


Lynn - April 8

Arn - it's amazing what some poeple think! I actually had a friend who was a nurse tell me that it was o.k. to take percocet while pregnant. As long as you didn't take them while in labor. Crazy! I agreee with everyone else, if what we did before we knew we were pregnant really had that much of am impact on the baby, ery few of us would be having healthy babies!


slc - April 8

Yes, in my first pregnancy, before I know I was pregnant, I drank one night and got really drunk. I had a healthy 7lb. baby girl. Just don't worry about what you did or didn't do before you were pregnant, because it's only going to hurt the baby if you worry about it. You will be fine!!!



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