Anyone Due Around Christmas Looking For Buddy

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tinymomma - April 22

Hi, I am Robyn, 26 years old SAHM of 3 and prego w/ #4 due on December 23. I"m looking for some friends to share the experience with!! My other kids are Megan 7, Elijah 4, & Andrew 2.


lisa_sc - April 22

Hi Robyn. My due date is December 20. I am pregnant with my first and very excited. My first OB visit is May 17...too far away. My only symptoms so far is fatigue, swollen-tender bb's, and peeing all the time : ) What symptoms are you experiencing?


JenE - April 22

Hi my due date is also Dec. 23rd. We have a long joyous wait ahead of us


kelley32 - April 22

Hi ... my second child is due Dec. 19 and I am super excited. Time just seems to be going so slowly and I'm really looking forward to all the wonderful things that pregnancy brings.


lisa_sc - April 23

Hi kelley. I found you on this site. So what symptoms are you having now?


snugglybugglys - April 23

Hi Robyn...I'm also 26 and pregnant with my 5th child. I am due December 26! :) My other kids are: Alysah 3, Jacob 2, Brennan 2, and Kayleigh 1.


kelley32 - April 23

lisa_sc ... sorry, but can you refresh my memory where you've posted before, were you using another name? I'm from the TTC in March-April thread in the Problems Conceiving forum. As far as symptoms go, mostly having sore bbs, tingly at times, a bit of nausea and bloating ... my jeans are tight already which is a real drag. And of course alot of drowsiness, can't manage to stay up past 9pm. What about you?


kelley32 - April 23

lisa ... I just posted on the other forum, I'm sorry!!! I do remember you now and I hope that you'll hang with me over here ... I try to refrain from talking too much about pregnancy issues over there because I feel really bad for all the other ladies that are having a hard time, I just don't want to make anyone feel badly.


lisa_sc - April 23

Hi kelley. I'm having the same symptoms. I know my pants have been feeling a bit snug lately. Sometimes, after I eat I just want to unb___ton those things! And thank goodness for the weekend, I can actually take a nap. I know what you mean about the other forum. I stayed over there for a while. Maybe we can give them hope and encouragement!


kelley32 - April 24

Hi ladies ... how is everyone feeling today? i had nausea right away as soon as I woke up, but it didn't last long ... it's really strange how it comes and goes. Also woke up to extra sore bbs too ... I am officially 6 weeks today, and very excited ... I just can't wait to feel the baby move ... with my daughter, I first felt her at 16 weeks. When did all you (previous moms) feel the baby move the first time?


tinymomma - April 24

My first OB appt is May 18th...I know very far away...I'll get my 1st ultrasound and everything!! Very exciting! My symptoms so far are a bit of nausea (which comes and goes), peeing a lot, dizziness. My bb's really aren't that tender but the nips are.


tara1009 - April 24

Hi Robyn, I'm Tara, 23 yrs old and pregnant. My EDD is December 22. I've had 2 previous pregnancies but miscarried both. So far so good on this one. I'm praying and believing for a great pregnancy this time around. I'll be happy to share this experience with you!


lisa_sc - April 24

I tell you what, last night was rough for me. I woke up at 12:20 this morning having to use the bathroom and I had the worst hunger pain so I fixed a ham and cheese sandwhich and went back to bed to eat. All of a sudden I start getting really bad gas pains. I woke my husband because I was laughing and crying at the same time, don't know why, maybe I was tired : ) I had to share that story. My husband and I were laughing about that this morning.


Steff - April 24

HI Girls. I hope you don't mind if i jumo into your thread! I just found out that i am expecting my first. I am so excited and nervous. I have had one m/c. I do not have an official due date yet, but according to the online calculators, I'm due on the 27th. So far my symptoms are: increased appit_te and sore b___sts. Congratulations on all of your pregnancies!


momof3 - April 24

Get this one. I had my first baby on Christmas eve, my second on Dec. 20th and my third is due Dec. 15! No this was not intentional, and I swore my third would be a spring baby, but wham we started talking about it and it happened! Crazy, but true. It is very different to celebrate the birth of a baby during such a sentimental time of year, but planning birthday parties around the holidays can be a bit tricky thats for sure. Yes, it is a LOOONG way down the road yet. With my first 2 I remember being very overwhelmed with all the visitors that were already in town for Christmas hanging out too long when all I wanted to do was sleep!


momof3 - April 24

I forgot to ask, I am in week 6 and the only symptoms I have are intense nausea, and fatigue but my b___sts are not at all sore. With my last preg. I had to wear a sports bra by this time they hurt so bad! Any one else experienced and absence of this? Not that I am comlaining...just a bit worried.


kelley32 - April 25

Hi ladies ... congrats to the new girls joining us!!! I'm feeling pretty good these days, except for waves of nausea occasionally and a strange tight feeling in my uterus, does anyone else have that? momof3 I wouldn't worry about the not having sore bbs, there was a thread about that not to long ago and a few women reported the same thing .. I wouldn't worry, you know what they say, every pregnancy is different. With my first pregnancy, I didn't have any symptoms at the beginning except for extreme fatigue, but with this one, I'm not nearly as tired, which is a good thing because last time I couldn't manage to stay up past 7pm, and this time I have a 3 year old to take care of, although DH has been helping alot. He always puts me on a pedastal when I'm pregnant and treats me like a Queen ... I love it!!! Just wish it was ALWAYS like that. LOL!!!



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