Anyone Due Around Feb 1st

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big118girl - June 4

Hi! My name is Nichole, I am due Feb 1st and was wondering how many other ladies are due around this time.


terrie - June 4

Hi big118girl. I'm due Jan. 25th. Does that count? I'm 6 weeks, 3 days, and scheduled for my first dr's appt this week.


big118girl - June 4

Hi Terrie, that's awesome. I just think it would be cool to talk to people due around the same time. We can go through every thing together. My 1st apt is on the 23rd. You'll have to let me know how your 1st apt went. :)


terrie - June 4

Sure I'll let you know. Is this your 1st baby? This is my first. I hope to see the hb when I go this week, on wed. I'm counting down the days....


big118girl - June 4

This is our second, but have had troubles conceiving. We have a beautiful son. Being pregnant was the most incredible experience in my life. I loved it! It will be so amazing when you see/hear the heartbeat. I hope you can hear it this early. Good luck. Keep me posted.


terrie - June 4

We've had trouble conceiving as well. I'm 27 and married 2 yrs in July. We got pg twice last yr but m/c both times. It took me 9 months to get pg again. I had been on clomid for 5 months. How about you? I hope I get to experience the entire miracle of being pg.


big118girl - June 4

We conceived on Clomid too, but lucky us 1st time. Doc said it is normal since this is 2nd pregnancy and body now knows what to do. I know everything will be fine for you Terrie, just be extremely cautious. Especially dont lift heavy objects. Congrats again on your miracle!


terrie - June 4

Thanks. I'm being as cautious as possible. My staying away from caffeine. I love coke and its hard to stay away from , but its for the baby. I really want a baby and I'll do anything to make this one happen and for it to be healthy. I just found out that we are supposed to stay away from deli meats and peanuts. have you heard that? Well, I'm staying away from all that, too. Congrats to you, too. :)


littlerose80 - June 4

Hi, i'm due January 31. I would love to join you guys and chat about everything. How are you guys feeling?


Nicole8 - June 4

Hi there! I am due Feb 9th!!! We just found out....and we're soooo excited. We tried for 11 months....this is our first baby. I'm so scared....I'm constantly worrying. Anyone else scared to death? You hear about so many miscarriages this early. Good luck ladies!


HannahBaby - June 5

Feb.1st is my birthday :o) its a wonderful day to have a baby :o)


SaraMariasha - June 5

I am also so nervous about m/c. I had a chemical pregnancy two months ago and just hope that this one sticks. I find I am scared by every twinge in my body. How do people get through this????


trinadan - June 5

i haven't been tot he doctore yet,, but i did a due date calculater on line and it said i am due Feb 1st.. so same as you !!! thats cool.. this will be my first baby.. im so excited.. me and my ficance hace been ttc for 4 months.. and it finally happened when we were on vacation and were relaxed and decided to to really try that month so we would avoid stress and have a good time....


buffy2297 - June 5

Hi Nichole I'm also due 1st Feb, 3rd pregnancy but hoping 1st baby! Got any symptoms yet? I'm constipated, extremely tired, wee alot and over the last two days getting bad nausea. How about everybody else any symptoms yet? I have my 1st scan on wednesday 7th June having had 2 previous M/C so hopingit's good news!


celina78 - June 5

Hi everyone, I'm due Feb. 3rd. This is my first pregnancy and my husband and I are so excited! My OBGYN appointment is on June 22nd. Good luck to everyone :)


lovelylady24 - June 5

Hello everyone this is my frist pregnancy and I am suppose to be due on Feb.4th and I have a doctor's appointment today...the symptoms I have are cramping feels like pm cramping and also sore nipples and I pee alot but that is it.


Lala - June 5

Hello everyone. nice to see so many at the same gestation with similar symptoms/experiences. I am due 1/28 with our first. I too have had urinary frequency, appet_te changes, and sore bb. I have a second US this week. best to everyone!



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