Anyone Due Around Jan 11th

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staci - May 19

looking for some partners with the same due date timeframe...this waiting period is driving me crazy, I wish I was through the first trimester so that I could somewhat relax a bit. I had a m/c in march and am now 6w1d pg...nervous!!!


Lenore - May 19

Staci, I am due Jan. 3rd. I am very sorry for your loss, I too had a m/c in Feb. I am feeling the same way as you. Simply can not wait for the first trimester to be over!!! I go for my first u/s next week. How are you feeling? I have been quite nauseas and tired! Hang in there! Congratulations. keep me posted!


Nora - May 19

I understand your anxiety but Please try to relax. The waiting is getting to me too. I think maybe I'll try to find a project to keep me busy so I won't think about it so much. Who am I kidding? I think about it all the time! I'm 5w1d. I am due Jan 18th. I've been extremely tired. I don't have much nausea. Everyday I can't wait to come home so that I can take a nap. We have our first u/s on June 1st. Staci, have you had your u/s yet?


Stephanie - May 20

I'm due jan 4th and i can't wait to be out of the 1st trimester just so I can start "safely" telling everyone! I am so excited, and if you can't tell already, its my 1st.


Ness - May 20

Hi Staci. I'm due Jan 11th too. Know exactly how you feel. I'm sorry for your loss earlier this year, but try to stay positive. This is my 1st pregnancy following IVF treatment after 6 yrs ttc. I am scared stiff and desparate to get past the 1st trimester! I have my 1st scan wednesday, so fingers crossed everything is ok. Nora's idea of a project sounds good. Maybe I'll have a think over the weekend! Take care of yourselves. xxx


Ali - May 20

Hi Staci, I'm also due on Jan 11th. I cannot wait to be past the 1st trimester - been taking fertility drugs for 2 and a half years and this is my first pregnancy. I find myself worrying with every ache or twinge, and find I don't want to let myself get too excited just in case - but it's hard! Hang in there and take care. xx


Elffy - May 20

I'm also due on Jan 11th. Like Ness I am finally pregnant with my first IVF after 5 years of TTC. I am also soooo scared. My 2nd u/s will be this thursday and I am so nervous cause in the first one, at 5 weeks, there was only a gest sac. I try to enjoy this pregnancy but I can't. I'll pray for all our babies due on Jan. Take care . Hugs.


staci - May 20

thank goodness I have you all! we can be here for each other. is it normal still to have some mild cramping? I freak out about everything. we had our first u/s on monday at 5w5d we measured and saw the gestational sac and yolk sac which she said is good but were too early to see a heartbeat, so of course now I am paranoid!!! That happened to us last time too, we saw the gestational sac and yolk sac but nothing until 6w3d saw the heartbeat but unfortunately we m/c 3 days later. I have been having some mild cramping today, went away for a few days and came back today-is it normal? I am sure my doctors office is tired of me calling, they say not to worry unless there is bleeding, which my first pg I spotted for over a week before I actually m/c. help to keep me sane please!!!


elffy - May 20

Stacy I think it's normal that we all are freaking out because of all the things we've been through. As a friend of mine told me today, "I wish I could tell you to be calmed and relax, but I know you won't". This is because she's been through 4 miscarriages. She now has 2 beautiful daughters but she cries when she tells me that she couldn't enjoy these healthy pregnancies because of the fear of losing them to. I am telling you now what she told me "leave everything in God's hands" There is nothing else we can do. Just wait and pray. About the cramps. Don't worry at all. I am more concerned when I don't feel them because for me this is a symptom that something is still in there. ha, ha, Cramps are very normal and spotting too but I understand your fear. Let's try to stay positive, and cheer up each other. I wish you all guys the best. Hugs.


Taja - May 21

I'm due in the beginnin of January too... Whats youre email?


Julia - May 21

Hi to everyone with January babies! Ellfy, I also went in at 5 weeks for an ultrasound and the dr only saw a gestational sac. I tortured myself with doubt all week waiting for the next appt. On friday,i had U/S #2 and the sac had grown tremendously and had what the dr says looks like a yolk sac. Still, he will not give me a definite yes about the viability of the pregnancy, but the growth was a good sign. Before I left, he sched. me for a follow up and said he was very optimistic, but he told me to try to relax, since whatever is meant to happen is already"In the cards". I have to wait for 2 weeks to have another sonogram, and I've decided to a__sume everything is normal and go about my everyday life. I have no choice since I am a teacher and have others depending on me at home too. It is hard to tell someone to "just relax" but I've resolved myself to try to do just that. Best wishes to you and your baby. Keep us updated and try to realize that we cannot change some things.Very hard to do, I know !!:)


elffy - May 21

Hi Julia! I am also a teacher and here in Houston this coming week is the last week of cla__ses so I am kind of busy with report cards and stuff. You know when I had my 1st u/s I would not have worried had not been for the doctor. He didn't tell me that something was wrong but he told me to "hold my horses" because sometimes the embryo doesn't develope and he even told me the name of that problem "blighted ovum" I have never heard that before.,(well I've never been pregnant before) As soon as I got home I started looking for information on the internet and that's when I started freaking out. Well Right now I'm OK, as your Dr. said it's already in the cards. This Thursday is my 2nd. u/s. I'll be 7w1d. When is your next sonogram? How many weeks were you on your 2nd. sonogram? Best wishes to you too. Take care.


tricia - May 22

Staci, I am due Jan 13, sorry for your loss. I had a m/c in Oct and had complications which i am scared to death that something is going to happen and this is my fourth....just remember to relax and take your prenatals... time flys after the first trimester......if your sick try ginger or 1/2 unisom and b6 it works really well.. good luck and bless you


Rohi - May 23

Hi, I'm new on this forum. I'm six weeks now andf I'm due on the 11th of january, which happens to be my birthday!!!! how is the waiting going? really can't wait too! Rohi.


Ness - May 23

Hi again everyone. Ali, I know how you feel, I am exactly the same, but now I worry if I don't get cramps or twinges. I can't seem to win with regards to not worrying! Elffy, we must have conceived (been implanted) on the same day. I a__sume you are in the US? It seems they give you an early scan there - I'm in the UK and the first scan I get is 7 weeks. I am SO nervous, but so excited to finally see my babies. (fingers crossed). I had two embryo's implanted and have had no spotting, so I am hoping I am holding on to them both, but daren't let myself get too excited. I have heard so many stories of disappointments at 7 weeks and 12 weeks, it is hard to believe this may finally be our turn. I know things are in the hands of fate and the Angels, but it's hard sometimes to keep calm and relaxed. It's nice to know I'm not the only one, totally freaked out with worry! Good luck everyone xxxxx


elffy - May 23

Ness, Yes I am in the US. I guess the reason the Dr did an u/s so early is because we (the IVFers) are at more risk of an ectopic pregnancy. Actually he did an u/s on my first visit at 4weeks!!! I had just gone for a blood test and he did it. He could not find anything so I am not counting that u/s. He told me, at 5w ,that he wanted to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. The sac was there but nothing in there. I am happy he did it cause I was and still are feeling very sharp twinges on my left side, My mom and sister are always telling me to be more positive and stop worrying, but after 5 years of waiting for this I can't help it. I had 3 embryos transfered, but apparently only 1 is there. Have you got your HCG results. Sometimes, if the levels are high it may mean you are having twins. I hope so! I wish I would have had twins too, because I am already 37 and have no time and no money for another IVF. But I am not complaining I'll be the happiest woman on earth with one at least. Good Luck to everybody. xxxxx


staci - May 23

thinking of you all! thanks for all the posts, it is so nice to have waiting friends. went today for another u/s 6w5d and saw a very little thing that the u/s tech called a heartbeat, we had a hard time seeing it but did see it after watching for a little bit. I do feel somewhat relieved, you know, I am so nervous, I just hope that our baby survives, I think having gone through a m/c previously it causes for fears and reluctance to get too excited. I keep praying for everyone and myself for healthy happy babies~



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