Anyone Due Around Jan Join In

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hayleyc - May 19

Hi, My name is Hayley and I,m from the UK. Me and DH have been 2gether 12yrs but only married for 6mths. Missed carried back in Feb and got BFP last week. Am very, very nervous but would love some one so that we can share the excitement, and anxietys together. xxx


Chris23 - May 19

Hi hayleyc. Congrats on your BFP. I am also due in January (the 7th). I don't have any real symptoms yet aside from having to pee all the time! have you had any major symptoms yet?


ducky - May 19

hey all im due dec 31st or jan 1st hoping for a new years baby just had my ultrasound yesterday im 10weeks 5 days.....


kc - May 19

Hi Hayley, I m/c in Feb was my first pg. Now I'm pg again and am 7 weeks, due early jan. My first doc's appt is next week, I am so nervous until then, just hoping everything is ok this time...


wannababyboy - May 19

Hey girls, I am also due the beginning of January. I think January 11th. Kc thats funny I was also hoping for New Years baby....Well good luck to you all.


dueJan1607 - May 19

Hello! I am also due in Jan. the 17th. My dad's birthday! Anways, hope you're all feeling great like me....I just have some slight nausea and dull back aches.


Cady - May 22

May I join you ladies? My name is Cady and I'm due January 25th. So I'm only 3 weeks pregnant or so. DH and I were ttc for 9 months. We've been married 4years. I'm 33 and he's 34. Girls, I must say Im sort of freaking out right now! We planned this for so long and now that's it's happened I feel anxious, like i't finally real and I'll be giving birth in 9 months! (hopefully!) I should be thrilled, but instead I;m filled with anxiety. My sleep has been restless (not common for me!), I've been so tired, and I've been really cranky and irritable. I don't know how much to attribute this to being pregnant or emotional stuff. What do you girls think? Anyway, I'm REALLY happy I found you. I need the support!


Cady - May 22

Hayley, what are your symptoms? How are you doing?


tinkri - May 22

Hi, I am around 6 weeks after a m/c last May. I believe my due date to be Jan. 15. My first doctors appointment is this afternoon and he will do an u/s so I should get a definite due date. It is so scary to be pregnant after a m/c. I want to be excited, but my nerves keep getting the better of me.


KCroci - May 22

Hi - I'm due Jan. 23rd (or so) and this is my first pregnancy. I'm nervous because I've heard so many people in my group of friends and family have miscarriages. Thus far I've had a bit of diarreah and cramping but nothing out of the oridnary.


Cady - May 22

Hi KCroci. I've had slight cramps and frequent bowel mouvements...well, frequent for me that is at 2 times a day. How far along are? Must be about the same as me, 3 weeks.


Teen_Mommy - May 22

I am due around January 20th


Nell143 - May 22

I am due January 13. I have morning sickness pretty bad. I recently started vomitting atleast once a day. My first Ultrasound is on June 15.


sara b - May 22

Haven't gotten the true confirmation yet but I go for an u/s tomorrow. My last AF was 4/5/06 so that would make me due around Jan. 12, 2007. Hope I'll be back tomorrow night to tell you all some good news. Congrats and best wishes.


angelisa - May 23

Hi everybody! I should be due around Jan 12 ...I am not sure yet as we thought I was 7 weeks but maybe I am 6 weeks as the embryo is 5mm!I am happy we can share this together!!!!Best luck to all of! :o)


Cady - May 23

I don't know about you all, but I am exhausted! I feel like I could fall asleep right here, at my desk!


hayleyc - May 23

Hiya everyone. So glad you've all joined me. CONGRATS!!! TO EVERYONE AS WELL!!!. I am due on Jan 12th, well according to my calculations and the first day of my last monthly, so sara b and angelisa maybe our babies can share their b -days as well as us share our pregnancies. No major symptoms at first, just needing to pee alot, slight ache in my bladder like im bursting all the time (spoke to doc over phone he says its my uterus expanding and putting pressure on my bladder), and then the sickness started .Its not to bad, haven't actually been sick yet but feeling very quesy all day for the past 3 days. kc - my m/c was my first preg I now how your feelin. docs sent me straight to midwife, so I dont see her till 10th june...ages yet. Gonna go for private u/s at around 7-8 wks to put my mind at rest. cady - your body is raging with hormones and your whole life is about to be turned upside down FOR THE BETTER I might add. Your bound to feel very emotional etc... just sit it out soon you'll bloom or so they say. Last time around for me I didn't have no symptoms because the baby had stopped growing at around 5 1/2 wks, so although I don't feel to good, its great and everything is going the way it should. TINKRI - Be excited and try to stay posistive I know it hard (Im just as bad), Im only a keyboard away. Right... Lets try and stick together, I think everyone I know is sick of baby talk, but for me it helps. We can all be here for each other, worries or excitement... spk soon and keep in touch CONGRATS AGAIN!!! XXX



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