Anyone Due Around June 25th 06

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Sara - October 13

I am due june 25th and I was wondering what symptoms others are having at almost 4 weeks?


sharron - October 13

hi i am due around 23 june my af date was today but since monday i have taken 6 pregnancy tests and all were positives,this will be my 7th symptoms are tingling but not sore bbs,going to the toilet loads,i cant sleep even though i am cream crackered,very ga__sy ,and i have been having vivid dreams.what are your symptoms and when will you be getting your pregnancy confirmed by the doctor if you have not done so already.By the way congratulations and a very happy 8 more mths of pregnancy


Laura - October 13

Hi Sara, Sharron, Did you conceive around the last week of Sept. ? You found out right way.


sharron - October 13

hi laura hubby and i bd on the 26 ,27,28,29th september i tested positive at probably around 11 dpo


Laura - October 13

Thanks. I had m/c 9/3 had lost of c/m like someone cracked an egg inside of me on 9/28. I had my hcg checked today and it was negative. I was just wondering because you got strong results right away. Congrats. Hope you are feeling well.


Dia - October 13

Hi Girls! I just got my BFP confirmed to day by my dr. I am 5wks 2days and I am due June 13th. I get really drowsy tired and I have slight cramps. This will be my first! Laura ~ I think I conceived on Sept 26th...but I am not sure...I took found out I was pregnant at 15 12dpo I tood a test and it was negative. Hope that helps!!


Laura - October 13

Congratulations Dia! Hope you are feeling well.


sara - October 14

laura,I'm not sure when I conceived.My last period was sept 18th.I tested the 9th of Oct and got 2 positive but very faint hpts.Needless to say I have taken 4 since and they were all the same.I've made an appointment to get a blood test done on Monday the 17th.I'm still kind of nervous that it will come out neg even thought I've taken 6 test and they all came up pos.I just started getting really,really tired and alot of pressure in my abdomin. I've been a little nausous,lightheaded and my lower back hurts.My bbs are a little sore but not much. I've had some cramping almost feeling like a contraction.Is anyone else feeling that?Sharron-atleast I know I am not the only one that takes tons of tests to make myself believe that I really am pregnant.Congrats girls!!!!


Isa - October 19

Hi, I am due 23rd June. I took a test two days before my period was due and had a faint line and tested again on the day it was due and got a stronger line. I am now 4 weeks and 5 days and am so excited. I had a m/c at 6 weeks in July so am a bit nervous too. My doctor's appointment is for Wednesday 26th. My symptoms? tender bbs and so tired that I could sleep 24/7. Congrats to you all and here's to a very healthy 8 more months for all of us!


Jane (NZ) - October 19

I am also due that week - 22nd June 06. So excited after a late period last month (+2 weeks) which just gutted us. Now here we are at 5wks pregnant (# 3) and feel very lucky! Great to be in a group of Mums due around the same time! For 2nd (or more) time around Mums, do you feel any different? I've never had morning sickness before but this time - yuck! And I could eat strawberries (with chocolate) and baby carrots (with hummus) forever and at all times of the day & night! We have two beautiful and healthy boys so maybe this time, a girl? We'll see...


d - October 19

I am still waiting here. No af coming. It was to be here on the 16th, i have mild cramping and have had it for a few days, sore bb's, nipples are stinging now. took a test on sunday got a faint line. and yesterday got nothing. so i am not sure what is going on. blue veins showing to in the bb's. i was thinking of making an appt with the dr. any suggestions?


jaime - October 19

Hi ladies, I am due June 22nd. I have had my first ultra sound and they detected the yolk sac but there is no baby yet. I go back in two weeks to see the heartbeat. My symptoms consist of very bad indigestion, bloating, gas, very tender b___st and nausea. I also have insomnia that is driving me insane.


Araceli - October 20

Hi I am six weeks and I an due on 6/16/06 I feel very bad since I cannot smell or see food because I will PEUK anyone feel the same as me


Rhonda - October 20

Hi I think I am due the 22nd or 23rd.This will be my second child.I had a m/c in Aug.Very scared now.I have an appt Fri the 28th.I have headaches,a little tired,go to the bathroom alot,feel bloated,ga__sy



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