Anyone Due December 29

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zara06 - April 30

Hi all, My name is Zara and i live in Sydney, Australia. I got my BFP 10 days ago and this was confirmed with a blood test a week ago. Now all the fun begins! I've been reading these forums since january this year, so I'd know what to expect in the months to come. Would love to share my experiences with people due in december, especially first time mums like me! I'm currently 5 weeks 3 days along now. Had no morning sickness whatsoever, feel like i'm not even pregnant!


bjovs1 - May 1

hi there, zara, im sara, i havent had my prgnancy properly confirmed yet but i am also due on the 29th of december, i have taken 3 posotive pregnancy tests and am due to see the doctor this week, i have other children, but i havent had a child for over 8 years so it feels like my first again, i havent had any morning sickness just heavy sore b___sts and nipples, and cramping, and lower back ache, xx


singlem0m - May 1

Hi Zara, I posted a thread on here asking if anyone was due at the beginning of Jan. It looks like mine is due on Jan 3rd so that puts us pretty close together. Congratulations! I'm also a first time mom, just found out yesterday. I've taken 3 prego tests and all came back +. I'm not having sickness at all (yet), I've noticed I'm a bit warmer than usual, my biggest thing is that I'm dizzy.


zara06 - May 3

HI sara and singlemom, glad to hear im not the only not having any symptoms. I still dont feel like im at all pregnant!


bjovs1 - May 3

hiya, ive seen the doc, and they confirmed my pregnancy, got to go for an early scan 2moro cos ive had some spotting, fingers crossed evrything is ok, good luck to both of you, i will keep you posted xx sara


zara06 - May 3

Hi sara, i'm sure everything will be ok. Many women have spotting and end up having a perfectly normal pregnancy. Try not to stress about it. How old are your other kids?



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