Anyone Due In March Of 2006

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Tamera - July 7

Does anyone want to keep in touch that is due in March of 2006? I'm 25 and this will be my first child, so I'm a little anxious. Anyone want to share this experience?


randi - July 7

hi my name is randi. i just found out im pregnant and due in march email me at [email protected]


Elle - July 8

Hi - can I crash your party too? I just found out I'm pregnant, due March 16th. I'm very, very nervous, and would love an e-buddy to share the ups and downs of it all. How are you both feeling at this point?


stacey - July 8

hello girls, I def. want to be involved in this. I am due (I think) MArch 13th. Thisis my 2nd pregnancy bu the first ended in missed m/c in Jan- so needless to say I am more nervous about this one and won't be happy until wesee the heartbeat in the u/s. I have a drs. appt on the 19th- seems lke forever! I am 32!


Tamera - July 8

Congrats to all of you. It will be nice to have people to talk to experiencing the same types of things. I've been having the same symptoms for a while now...hungry, cramping, a little bachache and b___bs (large and sore). That's it for now. Mainly, I get hungry at the drop of a last night at 11:30, I just had to have a bowl of cereal b/c I felt like I was going to be sick if I didn't eat. No true "morning" sickness yet, but I know if I get hungry I had better eat, or I'm liable to get very nauseated. Keep in touch...and happy thoughts of miscarriage. We can all breathe a sigh of relief at the 12 week mark. I think I'm due March 5th, so looks like I'm first so far! You can email me too at [email protected] Just make sure to put something in the t_tle so I don't delete is like your name and pregnant. Good luck and enjoy your sleep while you can.


Tamara - July 8

Hi! This is weird by I'm 25 also and am due in March '06 with my first. How exciting! Similar names too... CONGRATS to you! I'm anxious as's so exciting!


Brandi - July 8

I'm due March 16th, I'm 25. Curious how long it took you to get a positive, my cycles are longer so I just now got a faint positive.


Tamera - July 8

Tamara- that's neat (mine's pronounced like Camera, but with a T) Congrats to you too! Brandi- my last period started May 29th and I didn't test with an hpt until June 28th and got a positive. It might have shown up sooner, but I was waiting as long as I could. Not sure if that will help or not.


stacey - July 9

My email is [email protected] I also have long cycles and got my light + 3 days before af was due. However, I ovulate late as well. I didn't ovulate until cd22 ang got my BFP on cd32.


Jennee - July 10

Hi! I am 26 and would love to share this experience too. I'm a little different though. We've been TTC for two years and were finally successful on a frozen embryo transfer. Our first attempt at IVF ended in a chemical pregnancy. Defastating to say the least. But we are so excited now to be pregnant again and due March 12, 2006 with our first baby. So far, my only symptoms have been the fatigue and I'm hungry all of the time. But I'm happy to say that so far my HCG levels have been doubling the way they should be unlike last time.


Tamera - July 10

To Jennee- congrats!!! That is very exciting. I'm glad that everything is going well this time. Sounds like you are a week behind me. This will be exciting. Good luck and be in touch.


laura - July 11

i am due march 10 i have been havin a lil trouble though but i hope everything is good for u have they found ur sac and what day r u due?


stacey - July 11

Jennee, how many times have they testedyour hcg levels? Just curious b/c I had mine done twice, actually getting results for 2nd test today- but want more done- (I m/c before and want to stay on top of it this time)


Jennee - July 11

Hi Stacey! I have had my HCG tested 3 times so far. They started pretty early because of the transfer. My first level was 78. The next day on the repeat draw it was 151 and then two days later it had jumped to 369. That was on Friday. My next appointment is on Wednesday this week for another HCG and an ultrasound to look for the fetal pole and sac. Wish me luck. I'm really nervous. Congrats to everyone on this page. I'm really excited to share experiences. I know they say that one of the first symptoms of pregnancy is the sore b___sts. Does anyone else not have this. It's really bothering me that I don't feel pregnant, even though everything so far has been going well. I wonder if I'll ever stop worrying.


lan - July 11

hi I just found out I am pregnant, We, my hubby and I, are so excited. i am only 23 and this will be my first child, so I am anxious, also.


laura - July 11

tamera u can email me at [email protected] i would luv to keep in touch im so excited too congrats


Tamara - July 11

Hi, my name is Tamara and I'm due March 7th. Email me at [email protected]



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