Anyone Due January 2010

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meghanlee - May 26

Hi Everyone! I am 7 weeks pregnant and due January 10th. I wanted to get a forum going for those of us due in January!


Sprinkles - May 26

Well .. supposedly I will be due January 27th. I am a little worried right now about if this pregnancy will last for me because I just had a baby May 27th of 08 and I was b___stfeeding when I got pregnant as well as being on the depo.. so I guess I wonder if that makes me high risk. The 12 week mark will really take a load off my shoulders... here's to a happy healthy 9 months! My name is dawn by the way :)


hope-31 - May 26

i am pregnant with twins and due jan 8th


tina3323 - May 26

I am 7w2d i am also due January 10!


hoping4baby3 - May 27

Hi everyone! I am so glad to speak to other mothers-to-be in the same boat as me. I am due Jan. 26th. I am very worried about this pregnancy since I am 38 and had a miscarriage 7 mths ago. At the same time I am really happy and can't wait to share the 9mths with you guys... Has anyone gone for any tests yet or have heard the heartbeat? I can't wait, i think I'll be able to hear it next week when I am 6wks. I just can't wait because that was the point I lost my baby last time. I went for the transv____al and there was no hearbeat. How is everyone doing? Any pain or morning sickness? I'll shut up now... Looking forward to hearing from everyone. Ana


mom2be10 - May 27

I am due January 19th. Also, when i went for my first ultrasound last week i was only 5 wks and 3 days. All they saw was a gestational sac, no yolk sac yet. Is that normal? My levels went from 12,000 to 24,000 in 2 days.


hoping4baby3 - May 27

Last time I was pregnant I went to hear the heartbeat at 6wks but there wasn't one, just an empty sac... I got extremely depressed and lost the baby a few days later... However my levels did not go up as much as yours, I think you'll be OK. Stay positive, I know its hard to do... I'll pray for you... when do you go for more tests?


mom2be10 - May 27

I go for my next ultrasound tomorrow. They said more than likely i was just too early. I have been worried all weekend. I know exactly when the conception date was and that still shouldn't make me that far along. I'm not sure how they calculate. Can the gestational sac measure a few days ahead of what i really am?


hoping4baby3 - May 27

I am not sure what you are asking but gestational sacs develop at different rates for different people... I read a lot about it when it happenned to me and I came across a lot of stories of people who was in the same boat as you and found a few weeks later that the yolk developed and they went on to have normal healthy babies... is this your first pregnancy?


tina3323 - May 27

I went in for an ultrasound at 6w3d and we couldnt hear the heartbeat but we could see it on the ultrasound. When my doc measured it, it was 124bpm.


mom2be10 - May 27

Yeah, i have read some of those encouraging stories as well. This is my first pregnancy. My husband and i are so excited, but i have tried to not get my hopes up this week, cause i'm not sure where it's headed. What iw as trying to ask is can the ultrasound machine be wrong in measuring the sac. When it measured me 5 weeks and 3 days, could i have been more like 5 weeks? Cause i think that's what i was. Thanks so much for your encouragment. I needed that!!!


hoping4baby3 - May 27

Absolutely. The ultrasound follows cookie cutter numbers but we are all different and babies grow at different rates. As an example, during my first pregnancy my doctor had an ultrasound machine in his office so I was able to have an ultrasound every month and every month the baby measured differently and therefore the due dates changed. Sometimes ahead and sometimes behind by about a week give or take. The doctor said it was normal, no one grows at the same rate and babies are no different.


mom2be10 - May 27

Great. That gives me some hope :) I am sure everything is fine, especially with my numbers doubling. I know God will take care of my situation. He always does :) Hope you have a blessed day!!


dukeblue1212 - May 27

Hey everyone! I'm due around January 19th. I go for my first doctor's appointment next Wednesday and will have blood work done as well. What kind of symptoms is everyone having? So far I'm tired, my b___sts hurt, and I'm super b___hy. :) I haven't experience any morning sickness yet.


PinkAmerican - May 27

Hi all, This is my second go at pregnancy. Due date is Jan 18th. My first was early 2008, but it ended when I discovered I had a blighted ovum at nearly 12 weeks. Blasted body held on to the pregnancy for 6weeks after 'development' stopped. Anywho, not getting over my head with excitement. Symptoms so far: ~First two weeks I was sick with a cold, but when I pulled through I noticed the nausea wouldn't leave. ~Now, Intense swings of nausea, sore b___st (especially nipples), crazy thirst, and some sleep issues. I'd add b___hiness, but I think that's just my usual hyped up a notch :) All the best.


misslala09 - May 28

Hello ladies!! Well, anyway, I am due January 1, 2010.


hoping4baby3 - May 28

Hi everyone!!!! Symptoms for me so far: 1-Definately b___hy! I do not what is happening to me but everything bothers me... my poor DH! 2-A little more sleepy 3-Little crampy in the ovary area... 4-what worries me is that my b___sts hurt very little and no pulling pain from both ovaries. I remember feeling that around this time in my previous pregnancies. I'll try not to worry too much... I go for blood tests today and Saturday to see if the number are going up as it should. How is everyone today? Keep us updated in your journey... Mom2be10- keep us update on your u/s today. My thoughts and prayers are with you!



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