Anyone Due January 2010

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hoping4baby3 - May 28

Hi everyone!!!! Symptoms for me so far: 1-Definately b___hy! I do not what is happening to me but everything bothers me... my poor DH! 2-A little more sleepy 3-Little crampy in the ovary area... 4-what worries me is that my b___sts hurt very little and no pulling pain from both ovaries. I remember feeling that around this time in my previous pregnancies. I'll try not to worry too much... I go for blood tests today and Saturday to see if the number are going up as it should. How is everyone today? Keep us updated in your journey... Mom2be10- keep us update on your u/s today. My thoughts and prayers are with you!


meghanlee - May 28

Hi Everyone! I am 7 weeks and 3 days today (I think) I have my first appointment on June 8th (I will then be 9 weeks). I am very nervous. When I was pregnant with my son I had my first appointment at 6 weeks and saw that things were fine...but now that it is going longer and longer without hearing a dr. say that everything is fine, I am nervous. I don't really have a reason to be, just am. b___sts are sore (and getting more so every day), I have nausea in the morning (no throwing up, just feeling yucky), VERY VERY sleepy (not fun with a two year old at home), and hungry a low (although I am trying to just eat really healthy snacks every couple of hours). I don't want to gain as much weight with this baby as I did with my son (I gained 75 pounds and it took two years to lose it). I am feeling bloated on and off...I hate that. I can't wait for the real baby belly...I hate just looking chubby. How is everyone else feeling??


Ashlie24 - May 28

If all goes well for me (fingers crossed) I will be due January 14th 2010 this is my second and my first was a miscarriage I am farther along this time then I was the last one..Haven't been to the doctors yet not till June 10th I wanna get in sooner I am trying to get that done, but good luck to all of you god bless!!


hoping4baby3 - May 28

Meghanlee- I gained 60 pounds with my first son but got smatter and only gained 25 pounds with my second... it was much easier to lose the weight obviously. This time I also plan to eat healthy but I am hungry often and I worry if I can keep it to a healthy weight this time even if I just eat healthy. Ashlie-I understand what you are going through. I also tried to get an earlier appointment and my appointment is June 8th, I should be 6 wks then. I also lost my last pregnancy around 6 wks so I am very worried but trying to stay positive and enjoy the great news that I finally got my BFP!


meghanlee - May 28

I wish I had an earlier appt as well, I will be 9 weeks at my appointment. I am hungry a lot too, I am just really trying to snack on fruits, cheese, veggies and this like that. With my first pregnancy I snacked on chips, burgers, tacos, haha...anything (usually something much larger than a snack). I am eating sugar free fat free popsicles when I crave ice cream and that is helping a lot with the sweet tooth.


BonnieR - May 29

Hello! I am due Jan 6th with our first. I have had 2 ultrasounds already since I got pregnant from taking clomid (which the dr. said you have a higher rate of miscarriage) but things are going well.. there is a good heart beat and the baby is growing well. I+(I am currenlty 8 weeks, 3 days) My symptoms have been extreme tiredness,, i can fall asleep where ever I am betweeen 1pm and 4 pm. As of yesterday I have been nauseous :( I also get dizzy and get headaches when I don't eat every so often. Metal taste bad at times. Also when I get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of night/early morning, I have to brush my teeth because the taste is so bad. Hope everyone is feeling well!


hoping4baby3 - May 29

Mom2be10-How did your appointment go? Keep us posted. BonnieR- You are so lucky that you could see your baby already. Is it one or two? You are due on my husband's b-day. You will have a very organized child. My husband is hoping we have our baby a little early so it can be a Capricorn also. However the baby is due closer to my birthday which does not make him happy because I am not as organized as he is... I have a feeling it will be born a little early but I leave it up to God to decide. My update: I am starting to smell everything under the sun. Even my own clothes are starting to smell funny to me. I was making dinner last night and the tomato sauce made me feel sick. I don't actually throw up just feel nauseous, which is worse! I remember with my first two sons that I felt like this for the entire first trimester and for some reason I forgot, but now I remember. LOL! How is everyone else?


PinkAmerican - May 29

Hi again ladies... Oy, the nausea is sooo bad. I can't think of doing anything. I don't know how ladies with little ones or jobs managed. It's like someone turned an overdrive switch on last weekend when I hit week six. My head spins every time I stand up. I'm missing my exercise program and wishing I had the will to at least walk once a day. Hoping that returns soon. Feeling like a big lazy pile over here. Hope you all are faring somewhat better.


hoping4baby3 - May 29

I know... I was fine last week and this week its getting really bad... I go home and I dont have the energy to do anything... I too feel lazy and I hate it... the first time I got pregnant only ice cream made feel less nauseous so I gained 60lbs. my second pregnancy I ate right and gained very little and the baby was bigger believe it or not... LOL Now I am scared that ice cream will be the only thing that makes me feel better and I refuse to gain so much like the first time. Glad to see I am not alone through this...


PinkAmerican - May 29

H4B3, I think a LOT of ladies are hesitant to b___h about symptoms, especially early on, like it'll bring bad luck. The one GOOD thing I took out of my 1st preg/MC was that I don't have any control over what's going on inside me. I mean other than avoiding stuff that will obviously be bad. I was a total health nut, abstained from EVERYTHING and still...disappointment. I think it's TOTALLY fair for all us ladies to share a gripe or two about the discomforts of the first trimester (which are equally physical and psychological). I feel like c___p, I don't like the feeling of being pregnant right now, BUT I'm totally willing to work through it given the potential payoff. Am I so wrong for admitting that? :)


PinkAmerican - May 29

Ladies, Just wanted to say...I've been trying all sorts of things to alleviate the nausea. Wanted to share my 'findings': Helps somewhat: Peppermint tea, ginger root tea, sparkling water, and anything starchy. REALLY helps: peppermint pinwheels. A friend who was super sick through her first trimester swore by them. I've been sucking on these little red and white beauties all day and by god they help. Also, for b___st pain, I'd recommend a banana day, if you're into them. After my MC, I had crazy PMS including intense b___st pain and nausea for 1.5years. I'd been symptom free before all that experience. But I started on bananas six months ago (after cutting out alcohol, caffeine and most junky stuff all to no avail) BUT bananas...they're a god send. I take one a day. Hasn't stopped the b___st pain altogether, but it's helping to manage it.


hoping4baby3 - June 1

Pink-Thank you! I will certainly try that. I just have one question, is the peppermint pinwheels a cookie? I just googled it and its the only thing that come up... Can anyone share anything else that is working for them? The only tip I can share is not to take the prenatal in an empty stomach. Hope everyone is doing fine otherwise!!! Check in and say hi!!!


meghanlee - June 1

Hi Everyone! hoping-pinwheels are little individually wrapped red and white mints. You can find them at pretty much any convenience/grocery store. I have found that chewing mint gum helps as well and gum has fewer calories and less sugar. If you look, those little pinwheels actually have a lot of calories and sugar when you eat them ALL day! :) Sometimes sour things help cure nausea as well.... Things here are good. Nauseous every morning, but not getting sick. It is manageable and I guess I can't complain, I could be hugging the toilet every morning!


hoping4baby3 - June 3

Hi everyone!!! How is everyone doing? AFM, I went to the doctor yesterday and she said my blood work confirmed that I was pregnant and that everything is progressing nicely. I have an ultrasound appointment to hear the heart beat on June 10th (i'm holding my breath 'till then because that point was where my pregnancy ended last time.) I'm still feeling strong morning sickness all day and the doctor said that it was a good sign (and that is true because with my last pregnancy I did not get morning sickness and it ended in m/c) but nonetheless, the feeling is horrible. In addition, this morning the pain on my ovaries have stopped and I am very worried. Did anyone's side pains dimished a little? I dont know if I should call the doctor or wait. My DH seems to think I am OK and I just worry too much. What do you think?


PinkAmerican - June 3

h4b3, Glad you confirmed your pregnancy. Hear you on the concern of approaching mc time. I had an mc last time too and though i had nausea then it's nothing like what i'm dealing with now. Absolutely debilitating. On the ovary pain, i was having a fair bit of that off and on till the end of week six then it basically stopped. Nausea kicked up even more though. I like to think it was the luteal cyst thing resolving itself (last time it grew to 6cm and caused gobs of discomfort). But who knows. Got my levels taken yesterday and will see the dr on monday for a follow-up. Had a writing colleague tell me: "oh this one will be fine since you already had an MC" I was like WTF, that's nice but what kind of thing is that to say. Good thing she's so sweet and grandmotherly. Stay relaxed and think positively.


1st Baby and Excited - June 4

Hi, I'm almost 10 weeks and due 3rd Jan 2010. Very, Very excited about my first baby. I have my first scan in 2 weeks, I can't wait. I thought a scan at 12 weeks was normal - how come you guys are all having early scans?



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