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1st Baby and Excited - June 4

Hi, I'm almost 10 weeks and due 3rd Jan 2010. Very, Very excited about my first baby. I have my first scan in 2 weeks, I can't wait. I thought a scan at 12 weeks was normal - how come you guys are all having early scans?


hoping4baby3 - June 4

Hi 1st-baby: Congratulations and welcome. I believe the normal ultra-sound is at 12 weeks, but some doctors like to do an intrav____al ultrasound between 6 and 9 wks just make sure there's a heart beat especially for people like me who are a little older and had a miscarriage in the past. There's not much more that you can see at that time... The fact that you will only have one at 12 wks is very good news. Good luck and keep us posted.


1st Baby and Excited - June 5

Thanks for writing so soon (hoping4baby3). After reading more and more, I didn't realise where you gals are. Your talking in pounds.....I'm guessing you're in the US...??? So tell me anyone? Do your "b___bs" stay sore the whole way through...? Also, anyone exercising?


hoping4baby3 - June 5

1stbabyand- Yes I am in the US, where are you? As far as the b___bs mine stopped hurting at 6wks but I think it is more common for it to stop hurting at 9 wks when the placenta takes over and the there's not so much hormone trying to keep the pregnancy going... However, everyone is different. Good luck!


1st Baby and Excited - June 5

I'm in Australia! I own a Health Club in Tweed Heads which is half an hour away from Gold Coast. (a__suming you've heard of the "Gld Cst or Surfers Paradise." I have trained a lot of girls all the way through their pregnancies. My Doctor says she normally has to encourage girls to exercise during but with me she says to back off a bit.....which I have done . . a little... but she also a__sumes I know it all...but I don't - having never been pregnant before. . . for once with something to do with the body I feel way out of my league. So I'm just trying to do what feels right and listen to my body rather than ignore it and work harder...I know I've raved on a bit now but there must be some other exercising "mothers to be" out there, or who have done it before.


hoping4baby3 - June 8

Wow! Astralia thats nice... As far as exercise, I to wonder about that myself. I didn't exercise as much as you before the pregnancy but my husband and I live a pretty healthy lifestyle with a lot of walking, biking and swimming... the problem is that i am only 7 wks pregnant and my clothes are already tight... I need help but I can't diet now... what do I do? I bought a couple of books but they didnt help. I need a pregnancy only fitness book... Also, I was pushing myself really hard on my bike ride yesterday and my husband scared me saying it was too much... so I started thinking that if anything helped to the baby I would be very depressed.


1st Baby and Excited - June 8

Exercise is such a personal thing when it comes to pregnancy. I have trained and seen a lot of girls exercise during but it feels different when it's yourself. If you were active before GREAT! The most important thing to remember is Not to overheat your body. Exercise is perfectly safe (with your doc's approval, of course.) if you have (what they call) a normal pregnancy, then exercise is actually good for you and your baby. The main points are : Don't overheat your body, a little sweaty is ok but not completely red faced and dripping. Heart rate - shouldn't go over 140bpm, Avoid straining, You can exercise but not to the point of exhaustion, You should be able to maintain a conversation while exercising. They're the main facts but everyone is different and remember it depends what level of exercise your body was used to before. I hate to say the typical "listen to your body" quote - and do what feels right. If you're anything like me you want to do the right thing and stay active, but you don't want to do anything wrong either. Hope this helps......btw my clothes are tight too.....


1st Baby and Excited - June 8

While I'm on the exercise talk Pink- how are you going getting back to exercise? I know it's hard when you feel sick, but it has helped me. .. . I get the Dizzy thing going on to - but "gentle" exercise really does help. Plenty of Water too. . . .


rpats - June 9

Hello ladies.... I am 7w5d along... due on Jan 21st! :) Reading the above on excercise made me laugh... I am SO paranoid about excercising... for the past few months my husband and I were on a regular routine of cardio 3-4 times a week. Ever since I found out i was pregnant, about a month ago, i havent been to the gym. I have PCOS, and it took some trying and lots of help to get here, so I dont want to do anything to jeopordize the pregnanct. I asked my RE last week, and he said mild walking on the treadmill was okay for me... so I plan on starting with that. But everyday I plan on going, I change my mind and say I will wait another month, get over the 3 month mark and then go..... lets see. As for symptoms... I wake up every morning actually hoping to have morning sickness... as that lowers the chances of a possible miscarriage.... so weird to hope for ms...? Still havent gotten any of that... only other symptoms are sore b___bs, and tiredness...... So nice to speak to you ladies as you are right there along with me!


PinkAmerican - June 9

Hi again ladies, Until I started week six, I still felt fine (mostly). Did gym 3 days and yoga 1-2, but the 6 week switch KILLED me. It's SLOWLY easing up and when I don't feel totally disgusting I have an at home yoga routine (about 15min) I do in the morning and try to take a 20-30 min walk in the afternoon. When the MS has pa__sed for good, I'll get this going on a daily basis. With the MS my heart rate seems to soar when I'm's so crazy and sad. And I know the key to pregnancy exercise is a heart rate below 140. Because I'm a muscular gal with a bit of extra padding, my midwife said only gain 15 pounds. Um, if I can I will believe me. Even with heavy exercise and routine food-watching, my lowest adult weight has been about 160 and I"m 5'6". Totally serious. I hate the BMI thing. Anywho, RPATS don't fret about not being grossly sick. There are plenty of ladies who don't get that way and have totally healthy babies. If you have any concerns, go get your HCG levels done and monitor that way. Cheers ladies!


meghanlee - June 9

Hi Ladies! I am not 9w1d. I am feeling pretty good other than being tired, nauseous every morning (not getting sick though) and sore b___sts. I had my first appt with my OB yesterday and I must say that I left feeling a bit annoyed. My son, who is 2, weighed 9 pounds 10 ounces when he was born. When I told the Dr this she immediately started thinking I had gestational diabetes, which I didn't. My glucose levels, blood pressure, etc.. were all perfect throughout my pregnancy with my son. She then found out that I had gained a lot of weight (70 pounds) with my son and basically acted like she didn't believe me that I had no complications. So she told me that I was overweight (I currently weight 180 pounds and I am 5'9'') and that I therefore need to gain no more than 15 pounds and she wants me to eat only fruits veggies, complex carbs and lean protein. Here is my problem...if I have another 10 pound baby that leaves me only 5 pounds for water, b___st tissue, placenta, etc... When I had my son, immediately after delivery I weight 25 pounds less than when I walked in the door. I feel like 15 pounds is unrealistic. I was shooting for a goal of about 25-30 pounds. Anyway..RPATS...don't worry about not being sick. I was never sick with my son and he was perfectly healthy. It really is just an old wive's tale that the sicker you are the healthier your baby is. Don't worry...consider yourself lucky! :)


PinkAmerican - June 9

Meghanlee, My midwife said '15lbs' because the new thinking is the more weight you gain (among other things) the bigger the baby. Seriously, my mother gained 97lbs with me and I was 11lbs and month late and tore her apart. This has been a huge anxiety for me. I'm on board for gaining under 20 (okay 25 tops, but I've go to be real with myself). I want me a 7lb baby with a head that doesn't resemble mine or my husbands (incidentally, my husband's mother was on bedrest from day one of her pregnancy with him and gained tons of weight...he too was a BIG I have duel motivation to keep it in check). I'm crossing my fingers that moderate eating of the 'good foods' and regular light exercise will help me along in this matter. So, IMHO, if you only gained 15-29 it seems you will be unlikely to have a 10lb baby...or at least that's the new logic.


PinkAmerican - June 9

Here are some links to the most recent studies:


rpats - June 10

thanks ladies.... I am trying to tell myself that I am just a lucky one.... but thats easier said than done... I only believe it when I am in a super positive mood! lol meghanlee- THat is a shame that your OB seemed to be so impersonal or caring about your weight gain....why would they be so quick to figure that there HAD to be something wrong... thats not fun. Are you going to stick with that OB or look around? I had gotten pregnant on Clomid, so for the past 2 months I have been seeing an RE at a nearby fertility clinic. The clinic is SO awesome.... there are 6 RE's that rotate through, and each of them is the sweetest most positive and helpful person. Tomorrow is my LAST appointment at the RE as I will be 8 weeks. I have been with my OB for at least 10 years and I do love her... but now that I have had a taste of the extra special care the RE clinic gives... I feel it will be hard to adjust to going back to the OB...... But i guess I will see when I make my first appt with her!


Karen S - June 10

Hi Everyone! Im almost 6 weeks or am 6 weeks and Im due Jan. 28th!!!! Im pregnant with my second child! We are very excited!


1st Baby and Excited - June 11

Welcome Karen S! How old is your first child? I have some GREAT news for everyone! I heard the HEART BEAT this morning! There's no way the smile is coming off my face today. I have my 12 week scan next wk, but the Doctor let me hear the heart beat today! I didn't even know she could do that but she had a little hand held microphone thing in her office. It was so cool! Last couple of days, I felt a bit concerned - because I wasn't feeling sick and I had a lot more energy. I know it's easy for me to say now, but keep the positive thinking girls, less stress is good for all of us. rpates - try not to stress - I know plenty of girls who didn't get sick at all - and have beautiful Healthy babies. meghanlee - I may have just told my OB to "go jump" if that was me. We're all different and you've been there before - this is the most amazing journey for any girl to experience anyone who doesn't make you feel important and special during these months shouldn't be aloud to be part of such an amazing thing. Love to you all! I'm so excited - HEART BEAT!! WOO HOO!!



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