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rpats - July 2

hahaha. nice PinkAmerican - that is a cute idea. You are too funny! I havent hear of anyone sneezing while they eat- but maybe this is god's way of preparing you for all the baby food you will sooon be coated with! hahaha I hear you... you cant win... symptoms or no symptoms- still wont be 100% content. I hope your subside soon... most things I read said they usually die down after 10 weeks, so you have more than paid your dues! I just ordered a doppler- hoping it will pacify me if I can hear the heartbeat every few days.... As for the cost- I hear you. I am already trying to work a baby into our budget... its very costly.... but so worth it. amazing how much times have changed since your first child. I also got bloodwork done for all those STD's and more... HIV, etc. the RE's clinic did that the first day I was there.... thank god for insurance!


1st Baby and Excited - July 2

PinkAmerican - I don't think your crazy! Do you mean full on meditation? That can be very out there and brave when you don't know what people are into. I think it's fantastic...I knew I liked you, from the start.... I struggle to meditate but I keep trying. I think we can have a huge impact on our bodies through thought, or well no thought, if you know what I mean..... I'm so glad you said that, cause here's what I've been doing. Ready to think I'm crazy now. I've been deep breathing / meditating on my "bowels" working cause there just NOT....and I don't want to take anything....My diet is fantastic, and I'm still teaching all my cla__ses, so I'm getting loads of exercise, but I'm struggling with going to the toilet....So that's a bit embarra__sing and a "c___ppy" subject...but this is my biggest challenge at the moment...any tips? 14 wks Tomorrow! btw - this has only got worse in the last couple of weeks.


PinkAmerican - July 2

Hi again, Just to be clear (since I kind of misrepresented myself) I have had one other pregnancy, but no baby for it. So this is techinically my 'first'... :) Rpats, I've contemplated the doppler. I think as soon as my DH learns of it, he'll want it. 1stbaby...have you tried squatting? I mean feet flat on the floor, knees spread and toush just a couple of inches from the ground. I do this when I need help with the bowels. It's great for toning the pelvic floor too. I usually do it next to the bed so I can hold on to something. I hang out for 5-10 mins and that usually does the trick. Other postures include lying on your back and bringing one knee at a time toward the corresponding armpit (or as close as you comfortably can). Keep your back straight, though, by slightly tucking your chin and flexing the foot on that's laying on the floor. I'm trying to keep things all natural too. That's why I'm relying on visualization, etc. to keep myself focused on my goal here and not stress about the process. Also, had my 12 week apt today. Baby's HB at 168, and it's hanging to the right which might explain the muscle issue. All my tests came back negative (which is positive news) onto the 1st trimester screen next week. :)


1st Baby and Excited - July 2

Pink- Thanks for that - I'll try anything...oh I thought it was your scan you had today. Things sure are different over hear, when it comes to the cost of having a baby. I guess we're lucky, even though people still complain. We have a public Health system that covers most things. I have Private Health Cover but have opted to go to the Public Hospital because I know a lot of the staff there, and feel like I would be looked after. I can still choose my OB but don't get to meet them or see them till closer to the labour. I have just a regular Doctor as far as the regular check up's etc. (Who seems to be always running late - so hours late....)Lucky I have my own Business - I don't know how anyone would go with a normal job and a "BOSS" As for the Tests and Scans etc it's a different person each time you go which is not very personal. Hey what's DH - ...Something..Husband?


rpats - July 6

dear husband :) Pinkamerican- I hope to get my doppler this week... will let you know how I like it! Wow 1stbaby- that is so impersonal.... guess I shouldnt complain so much about my OB ... hehehe


1st Baby and Excited - July 6

Just have to say I made the BEST pumpkin soup. On Saturday after work - all I wanted to do is sleep and I made myself stay awake and spend some time in the kitchen (which I NEVER do) My DH does most of the cooking. Lucky me!! So I was a bit cranky but did it anyway. Is everyone still around? If you don't have anything to say how bout a quick one liner on how many wks you are now? Just so we know your still reading..... btw. I love all FOOD right now! since I hit 13-14 wks my taste has changed again, don't think I'm so fussy now. Still can't stand Coffee though.....


BonnieR - July 6

Hello! I am still here and enjoy reading the posts, but don't always get a chance to sign on and respond :) I have to say that "bad" food (fried food, candy, chocolate) does not taste good to me, which I guess in a good way is good, very good. I LOVE fruit LOVE it, can't get enough of it. Other than that, when we go out to eat, things that I normally enjoy, just don't do it for me anymore. We will see if this changes, I am 14weeks, maybe my tastes will change like yours 1st baby! I had a mini episode of bleeding on Saturday morning. It was a very very small amount and just when I wiped. It was there at 730am, and very very very small amount at 830 and then nothing for the next 30 times i went to the bathroom that day to check. I was away for the weekend and did way too much, so I am a__suming it was my body telling me to slow down. Anyone else have anything similar to this happen to them? Well we are off to the second part of our vacation tomorrow, which I just plan to sit on the beach and read :) Hope everyone is doing well!


meghanlee - July 6

Hi! Yes, I am still here...same as BonnieR, I don't always have time to catch up on the posts let alone respond. haha. I will be 13 weeks on Wednesday. real cravings here except the other day I thought I would die if I couldn't have some Oreos and milk. My DH went out and got them, I ate two cookies and was done. haha...I guess it was good that it wasn't an "eat the whole box" kind of craving. Anyone having trouble fitting into clothes? Anyone showing at all? Is everyone planning on finding out the s_x of the baby? Hope everyone (in the US) enjoyed the holiday...and for the rest, I hope you enjoyed your weekend! :)


rpats - July 7

morning ladies! I am def still here... I look forward to coming to work and reading these posts..... I love having you ladies around who can so relate to me. :) I will be 12w on Thursday.... have my 1st tri scan on Friday, and my husband and I will finally be sharing our baby news to our fam this weekend. So we are SO excited. I got him a yankees t-shirt that says "DAD" as the players name... he is a HUGE fan... and we figure we will ask fam and friends to read his shirt to figure out the good news.... :) As for food... I havent really craved anything... my biggest thing is that I am trying to not THINK like a pregnant person in terms of food. I want to stick to my regular meals, and not eat any more/less... but just be sure i am eating the right foods... Everyday I tell myself I only need 300 additional cals for the baby. hehehehe NO MORE! still fitting into my regular clothes, but I def feel like my belly is changing shape....looks so round to me... but I am sure some of that is just in my head because i know.


hoping4baby3 - July 7

Hi everyone! I'm still here. I will be 12 wks on Sunday and I can't wait. I am hoping my sickness will get better. Yesterday I went to the mall and I am not sure if it was all the smells but I almost threw up a few times... the hangover feeling is just awful. I have my first trimester test this Friday and I am very nervous... As far as clothes, I have only gained 2 lbs. so far but my clothes are getting tight, but I think that is because I had no time to exercise this past week. I can't stand meat or chicken, so my food has been mostly whole grain pasta and fruits. I am concerned about the sugar level on the fruits which is pretty high but I a keep telling myself it has vitamins and it makes me feel better when I eat it. I am definately planning to find the s_x of the baby but not sure if I will tell anyone else... I am a planner and I want to enjoy as much as the shopping before the baby is born... Well that is all for now... how is everyone else doing today?


BonnieR - July 7

rpats, great idea for telling the family, but I am a red sox fan, so I can't condone the Yankees shirt haha. As of yesterday, I am having trouble b___toning my capri's from last summer. I have 1 pair that actually fits and the others fit if I keep the b___ton undone (but it can be zipped up). As of the last week, I have noticed a difference in how my clothes fit. According to one of my baby books, it says at week 14 some moms to be need to start thinking about maternity clothes or loose fitting clothes. I think everyone is different and will need them at different times, I also think it matters if you tend to wear loose fitting clothing or clothing that is a little more fitted as to how long you will be able to wear them. We are planning on finding out the s_x, my appointment is July 31st. Glad to hear everyone is doing well!


rpats - July 7

hoping- we will both be getting our 1st tri scans on friday. I am very scared too. I got the doppler I ordered in the mail yesterday and tore it open right away to test it out. I couldnt find a heartbeat :( The instructions did say to use after 12 weeks.... which is Thursday for me... so I guess I will try in a few days.... :(


anglebaby2010 - July 8

try the bands they make for sea sickness... I can't type the name due to the rules on here... there are 2 wrist bands that put pressure on your pressure points and they work wonders... if you read the back of the box it even says it is for neausa for pregnancy and sea sickness.


anglebaby2010 - July 8

I have my 14 week checkup next Friday the 17th. When will we be able to find out the s_x of the baby?


pamela861 - July 8

hey all, i am still hear, i read the posts everyday but rarely get the cahnce to sit and write. i am soo glad that everyone is doing well. i am 13 weeks today and feeling very tired still. i have not gained any weight yet!! which concerned me a little, i have actually lost on my scales. i have trouble finding foods to eat, i havent had any sicknesss buti its like nothing appeals to me to eat...seems like everyday all i want to eat is french fries with ketchup!! haha. i try to get in fruits and veegies but meat really TURNS my stomach. i had an u/s yesterday and everything looks great, i even got some pictures to take home!! it is surprising how well developed everything is by 13 weeks. i am finally letting myself get excited. i am still wearing my regular streatchy regular clothes that is..haha. i tried to wear my reg pants the other day and i was fine standing but when i sat i felt compressed and sick...i had to go home and change. i dont look pregnant yet though.. glad everyone is doing well. good luck!


mom2be10 - July 8

Hey all! I have not been on here in a while, but everything is progressing as should. My official due date is January 20th. I will be 13 weeks along on Tuesday! We had a little scare a few days ago. I thought i was leaking amniotic fluid, but turns out i just had an infection. As for sickness, it is getting better :) finally! I have gained some weight so far, i started out at 123 so i have gained around 10 lbs. Doctor sadi that was normal and i have slacked off so hopefully we'll be ok! Baby looks great! We go for our down sydrome testing next week (because it runs in our family) so say a little prayer for us! We would really appreciate it!! Hope all of you girls are doing great :) So excited about these 2010 babies!



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