Anyone Due June 5 With Their First

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mercedes - October 30

Hi girls, this is my first pregnancy, I am due June 5...Anyone in the same boots, would love to compare 'notes'...How are you all feeling? Any tiredness, nausea, weight issues...Is any of you scared a bit? (I know I am sometimes, I'm just trying not to think of it too much...) Anyway, I would love to hear from you guys, what you are going through...Good luck to us all!


Jackie - October 31

Hi Mercedes, i too am due June 5th. I have been having nasua from week 7 until about 2 days ago. it seems to be letting up a little now, which is good. i don't think i have much weight gain yet as it has been hard for me to eat anything besides saltines and ginger ale. The tiredness is unbelievable! At about 7pm i am so ready for bed. i do everything i can to stay awake until 9pm and then i have to hit the hay. i have never been so tired in my life. lol. how have you been feeling? is this your first?


stef - October 31

I'm also due june 5th with my first. I'm past the tired stages now just dealing with the sickness (all day). I would think it would be getting better but its getting worse. I haven't put on any weight if anything its moving from different parts of my body to just my front. I go in for another appt on Nov 25th. I'm really excited about that.


Jackie - October 31

I guess we are opposite b/c my tiredness is getting worse but my nausea is getting a little better. I go for my first ultrasound a week from tomorrow. I can't wait to hear the heartbeat! Have you heard yours yet?


Ella - October 31

Hi ladies! I am due June 4 (is that close enough?) even that's an estimate! I'm glad to be in our 9th week! I'm starting to feel better, they say this is the worst week for nausea. I went to the DR last wednesday, and we listened for the heartbeat for 20 minutes but coundln't really hear anything for certian. I go back on the 22nd for my next appt.


mercedes - October 31

Hi Jackie, glad to hear I'm not alone with being tired...I've started taking naps in the afternoon (which I haven't done since I was around 5), sometimes I feel like I could fall asleep standing..:) I don't feel sick though, which is a bonus, I suppose, although I put on about 6-7 lbs already..I know it's too much, I just can't seem to stop eating (especially bread, loads of it!)..Can't wait to hit wk 12 to have more energy and maybe eat less...;) It is my first too...


stacy - November 1

Hey girls, I'm due June 4th. I have definately been feeling tired and it doesn't seem to be getting better yet. I have some nausea worse days than others. I go in for my second appt. on Nov 21 and i'll get to hear the heartbeat so i'm pretty excited. I haven't really gained any weight yet because nothing seems to sound good except cream of wheat and pickles. but this is my first so i'm excited to see what's ahead. let me know how the rest of you are feeling.


mercedes - November 2

Hi girls, it's almost wk. 10, are you all excited? To be honest with you, I can't wait to be over this first trimester, I'm so looking forward to having more energy...I've been in for u/s at 5, then at 7 wks, apparently, they could 'see' a heartbeat, but the guy that did the u/s wasn't very friendly, and kind of disappeared in a heartbeat, so I didn't really get to ask him any questions...Oh well, I'll go in at 12 wks next, better luck next time, eh? Have you guys all heard the hb yet? Are you happy with your doctors and the info they give you?


gr - November 3

I'm 9 weeks and counting with my secind and my first is just 5 months old. I'm totally freaking out how am I going to do this


STEF - November 4

I can't wait till week 10. i'm hoping that each week that goes by will get better. I'm not actually getting sick anymore but i do feel nasuea throught the day. I think in another week or so i will have to upgrade on my pants finally. I have my next u/s in 3 weeks. Hope all is well.



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