Anyone Due May 12th Want To Exchange Emails

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preg - October 14

We could exchange emails and compare symtoms and support eachother. Anyone?


Monique - October 14

According to my last u/s I'm due May 10 (plus or minus 2 days). We can totally travel this journey together! I have my second appt. on Monday!!


Jen - October 14

I'm due May 12th....


Cal - October 14

I'm due May 8. I would love to have others to email with. I cannot find any preg women groups around here to share the joys and pains with so far.


Maya - October 14

I am due May 18th. I heard that it is very common for the baby to come early the first time around. (it is my first baby) .. My birthday is the 1st of May.. Have no idea how it is going to be to have 2 tauruses in the house! aaaaaa


Monique - October 14

Maya, what's the deal with Taurus'??? LOL. My Bday is May 24th but I'm a Gemini. Are my hands about to full or what?? LOL. Have you all been to the doctor yet?? When is everyone going again??


maya - October 15

I'm going back to the doctor's on the 20th for a visit. No it is just that taurus and gemini dont get along! if he's a gemini with a bad ascendent I'm giving him up for adoption! hahaha! you have to understand that I live in italy and the second thing they ask after you tell them your name is your zodiacal sign.


preg - October 15

Thanks for responding. It might be easier to use this string instead of email since not everyone gave their email addresses. What symptoms do you all have? Anyone bursting out of your clothes like I am? I went up a size already and I may need to go up another within the next few weeks.


preg - October 15

Oh and by the way..Monique hope your 2nd Dr. appt goes well. Jen and Cal thanks for the email addresses. I may end up emailing you as well. Maya-what are Tauruses known for? Re: Dr. appointments..I have had one, plus a separate sonogram appointment. It already looks like my little fetus is sucking a thunb or hand bud or something. It also looks like it has horns??! What are those things really??


maya - October 16

I've been starting to feel better these days. I am actually having some normal days accompanied by days where I feel light headed.. and evenings are generally a little worse. One thing that i cant stand is the taste in my mouth. It was awefully metallic and base for a while.. and now in the mornings it is just worse than usual. perhaps it is because my stomach is upset. As far as gaining weight not yet. I am trying to .. just wondering where he's going to get nutrition from!!! Taurus is an earth sign and is generally considered a good sign. though stubborn pa__sionate. just my way of playing around with the fact that it is coming! (my huband is libra and I usually dont get along with libra. when we got married his mom (a true country italian lady) gave me the horiscope she had gotten done the day he was born. and my mom (japanese) gave her my asian horiscope that she had gotten done the day I was born. interesting how this stuff is so embedded in culture. )


Monique - October 16

My email address is I'm also starting to feel a lot better!! I can't wait til my appt tomorrow!! I'm soo anxious to know everything is okay! Preg: how come you've already had a sonogram?? You're lucky! Maya, Gemini's and Libra's are SOOO compatible. lol. Taurus' aren't supposed to get along with either and you married one!! lol. I actually have quite a few Taurus girlfriends, but I've never dated one. I'll let you know how my appt goes tomorrow!! Wish me luck!


preg - October 16

Maya, I haven't had the bad taste in my mouth, but I do have lightheadedness, nausea and fatigue. Monique, I think every doctor does it differently with the sonograms. Perhaps she referred me because I am in my 30s (though under 35) so there is a little more risk? Who knows. She is an excellent Dr., but she speaks so quickly and she seems so busy I was afraid to ask thinking she may have already told me. By the way... a book I absolutely love is The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy. I highly recommend it. I feel less neurotic and more normal after reading it!


Monique - October 20

I FINALLY had my second doctor's appt Monday and the baby is fine (or should I say HE"S FINE)!! She didn't even try to hear the heartbeat but she did do another ultrasound (#2) and dated me now at 11w5d. She told me 2nd trimester at 14 weeks.... The baby kept flashing us and I said, "is that what I think it is?" And she said "yeah you see that little thing?" Then my dh says, "LITTLE??" lol. ANYWAY....feeling much much better now, doc says mc chance is pretty much nil--he looks healthy, strong heart, strong spine, etc.... Preg: I'm 34 (and d__n proud!! lol)


Maya - October 20

Hi Monique!! and how nice to see the baby!!! I saw mine too this morning. I am 10th week.. still couldnt see the s_x.. but had tears in my eyes seeing it toss and turn. I have a question for all of you.. Are you women planning on getting the baby tested for chromosomal abnormalities? have to make this decision soon..


preg - October 20

Monique-congrats! Glad to hear you are having a boy and all is looking good! Maya, I do plan to have the baby tested for abnormalities, but I am not getting amnio unless anything shows up suspicious. I think after I give birth I will be in such a weak and emotional state that I don't want to get any surprises that I could have found out earlier. A few questions...Just the 2nd trimester start at the end of the 13th week or the end of the 14th week? Should I be concerned that most of my symptoms other than weight gain and larger chest have gone away? Also, what happens at the second Dr. appt? Anyone not taking those big horsepill vitamins? I opted for flinstones and Total cereal.


Monique - October 21

At my first doctor's appt, she brought up genetic counseling (I'm due 2 weeks before my 35th Bday 5/24). My dh and I discussed it and he feels strongly no matter what we shouldn't terminate the pregnancy if there is something wrong, so why even go there? I was on the fence but deep down I think I agree. The doc didn't bring it up at our second appt. and I forgot to, so for now, I'm gonna go with dh's opinion. Preg: YES I'm taking horse pills, well kinda--and I have a pill phobia (I push birth control pills waaaay back with my finger and down a whole bottle of water!!lol). My doc presecribed some for me that were half the size of the first BIG a__s ones I was taking. My second appt, she went over my blood work, gave me another u/s (although I hear from others that wasn't typical--most had their docs try to listen for heartbeat instead), weight, blood pressure, asked me how I was feeling (bleeding, cramping?), and asked id I had any questions. It was all of 10 minutes. Also, my symptoms seem to fade at times--I was freaking out, but I'm fine. I think all of us first time Moms tend to over-a___lyze (I know I'm totally guilty!!) Hope you all have a great day!


nina - October 22

Hi all, I'm glad I found this thread!!! I'm due May 10 to 12 (my periods fluctuate from 26 to 28 days) Going for my second doctors appt. next week, cant' wait, hopefully I get to hear baby's heartbeat. Like some of you, I'm also busting out of my clothes. Actually I can't fit a single pair of my jeans or pants, had to get a few new pairs.



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